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  1. And Totley was a bit short of pubs then.............although there's still the Cricket Inn next door to the cricket ground.
  2. AnnieR

    New Blue

    I couldn't work out what had changed at first, but I agree blue is much better!
  3. Totley History Group have the censuses for Dore and Totley on their website which you can download. Get to the home page and click on records. John and Mary Wilson are there with 2 children. He was a carpenter. Annie
  4. Eliza was John's daughter. John was living with Eliza and family in 1871. In 1881 he was living with daughter Jane Jarman and family. He died age 91 in 1884 at 94 Weston Street Annie
  5. Courtesy of Sheffield Indexers, Frank Herbert Brindley, retired, died at 937 Abbeydale Road age 85 and was buried on 4 Feb 1966 at Abbey Lane.
  6. Courtesy of Sheffield Indexers, Elizabeth and Thomas are buried at City Road. Elizabeth, wife of Thomas died 16 ct 4 Bernard Street age 57 and buried 27 August 1903. Thomas Mawhood, forger, age 78 died Fir Vale Union Hospital and buried 4 January 1917.
  7. My Great Auntie Wyn was Harry Brearley's secretary and my Dad has written an article based on Auntie Wyn's papers about Harry. If anyone would like to read it, its at www.totleyhistorygroup.
  8. I much preferred the Castle Market as I used to work there in my dad's shop at the end of the 1960's. His shop was Thomas Glossop and Sons and it was at the bottom of the fish market steps. I didn't mind the smell too much but they always used to have the windows open and it was really draughty working there in the winter!!
  9. I was given a pair of Ernest Wright secateurs for my birthday and they are the best secateurs I've ever had. They are an absolute must for anyone who does a bit of gardening!!
  10. I was given a copy of this book by my parents one Christmas and it really is excellent. In it Stan says that it was seeing our family shop, Glossop's, in the market that set him on making pen knives. I used to love the display cabinet full of different knives and scissors that Dad had on the shop counter.
  11. We had a Dr Pettigrew in Totley in the 1950's/60's. He rode a horse and when you went to see him there was always a dog under his desk. It might have been a doberman or something like that and there was generally a scottie dog as well. I think his wife was also a doctor but I don't remember ever going to see her. I shall have to ask my mum and dad to see if they can remember his christian name.
  12. So sorry to hear your sad news Richard. My condolences to you and yours.
  13. We used to go for swimming lessons at Heeley Baths from Totley County Primary. The instructor was called Mr. Wall I seem to remember. The only other thing I remember was the smell of peppermint from the Dixon's rock factory.
  14. The Sheffield Gale gets a mention in the Daily Telegraph today. "The cause of this exceptional weather is known as the lee wave effect. The airstream covering the British Isles had travelled from the sub tropical Atlantic, having originated some 1000 miles southwest of the Azores. It was therefore an unusually warm airflow although near the Earth's surface it had been cooled by several degrees during its journey across the ocean. This sort of temperature profile suppresses turbulence and the wind flow becomes strongly stratified. When such an airflow crosses a mountain range, standing waves are established downwind of the range. Sheffield lay under a wave trough with the air flow squeezed - and therefore accelerated - between the base of the trough and the ground beneath". Still not sure about the lee wave effect but I do remember being sent off to school that morning and not being able to get round a tree that had fallen across the bottom of the road. I thought that might get me out of school that day but my mother told me to walk the long way round - no chance of a day off.
  15. There's been no snow here in Cheshire but we had freezing rain yesterday and up to a balmy 4C today. Just got back from a walk round the lanes and it's really quite pleasant, even the llamas were enjoying the weather. We came back from a Nile cruise on Wednesday night, 26C when we left Luxor and -7C at Manchester airport so that was a bit of a shock to the system!