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  1. Interesting fact there is the way the tables were compiled. We finished on level points with 2 other teams but were below them .Nowadays we would have finished above them both as we had a better goal difference :blink:
  2. It was Ian Scanlon at Notts County who scored 3 in about 2 minutes!!. We had led 1-0, but still pulled it back to draw 3-3. Remember the last game of the season at Hull .We took 30 coaches and the team ran out and across to all the Wednesday fans over on the side terrace, lined up and applauded us. We still lost 1-0 like we did so many times that season :angry:
  3. further to Dunsbyowls post Peter Fox was the young pretender. He made his debut ,I think, aged 15 against Bristol city which was played on a Sunday. He looked as though he wou;d be a world beater , Then got "usurped" by another young gun A kid called Chris Turner. Saw him make his debut in a 5-2 win away at Cambridge in a pre season tournement The Shipp Cup in 76. I think Fox went on to play for Stoke
  4. His name was Pearson. Wednesday signed him during a crisis when all our keepers were injured or ill. He actually played in the Sunday Regional league for Woodseats. He did play in the 1st team but i can't remember which game
  5. I remember that game Ron Springett came out and released them It was our centenary year.On the actual day of the centenary we played Fulham (it was a Wed night) and won 4-2 with reduced admission prices. Also in that era, in the NorthStand if you bought a cushion you got a free tube of some hair cream like brylcream. Dont know what that was all about. Of course the cushions got stopped in 68 after hundreds were thrown on to the pitch following a perfectly good goal from Gerry Young being disallowed against Liverpool. Oh and my first game 42 years ago this very day (31/12/66) beat Chelsea 6-1
  6. Away fans rarely came to Hillsborough then Those that di split up usually and sat quietly in the south stand
  7. He Eight do you remember a certain Mr BN being a doorman there?
  8. Used to go to the Rock nights between 85-89. It started out as 1st monday in the month but proved so popular the 3rd monday was also added. DJ was Radio Hallams colin slade and a mixture of Heavy rock was played. Particularly during the early days from Glam metal Motley crue & Hanoi rocks to the excellent AOR Melodic rock tunes from the likes of White Sister, Dokken, Autograph ,Orion and many others. not forgetting mainstream Van Halen, Maiden etc. I stopped going in late 89 when grunge took over Could never stand the New punk attitude of Nirvana and co. Fantastic nights for 3 years Bring those days back as well as Bob Maltby era Rebels
  9. I remember that match and the balloons. Ron Springett ran out a few minutes before the rest of the players and released them It was Wednesdays centenary year. The match designated as the game closest to the centenary was against Fulham on a wednesday night we won 4-2 and the club gave discounted entry to the game
  10. The Walsall game was abandoned after 30 mins with wednesday fans disrupting games in the local park on the way back to the coaches. The replayed match was a 2-2 draw with Wednesday losing a 2 goal lead.The following year we lost 5-1 after being 1-0 up. We also lost 1-0 at Scunny in 74 league cup. The boxing day match at Bury was a 0-0 draw and a lot of Wednesday fans thought the ref was playing loads of injury time. It hadn't dawned on us at the time that it was a 3.15 kick off!!!!
  11. In April 74 i was sat in the South stand at a reserve game it was on a Wednesday night and Brian Joicey was sat there with a few of the other players. Whilst i was getting their autographs i asked BJ how he thought we would get on in the next match. He told me in his opinion we would have a good go as we usually did better against the top sides. 3 days later we lost 8-0 at middlesbrough!!!
  12. Funny game sppedway.Was a regular in the early 70's. "transfers as such were controlled by the governing body and they could "transfer" riders from one team to another so technically no side could become dominant through buying the best riders. Sheffield had Reider Eide and Bert Harkins in 72 but the control board took them off us the following year. It was frustrating if your team had been successful one year only to lose riders the following season. But could you imagine football being run this way!!! Instead of the season being over in August with Man Utd and Chelsea fighting over the Premier league, if at least 15 clubs had a realistic chance of winning the title.
  13. The scoreboard became quite funny towards the end of its life and most people looked forward to the half time scores appearing with mis-spelt names. CUNTHORPE and FRIMSBY were the two most commomn cock ups.Sheffield United was always spelt P_I_G_S ,suppose they had to get something right!!!
  14. Just goes to show exactly what a great history we actually have. i started going in 65 when we had this big lad called John Hickton. he was a centre half who converted to Centre forward after we sold him to middlesboro He came back to haunt us a few times especially when they thumped us 8-0 in 74. My first "hero" was John Ritchie what a striker and sold so cheaply back to Stoke. Fantham was a star of that era and Whitham had so much promise but begn to fade in a fading side. The team of the late 60's could have gone on to great things but as usual Wednesday lost their way big time. But for me Big JR was th top man RIP big fella
  15. What irony followed those 2 great victories. We beat the European champions 5-4 on Saturday and 4 days later lose 3-1 at 4th div Exeter in the league cup We beat L***s ( who went on to win the league that season I think) 3-1 in the FA Cup 3rd round but in the next round lose to 2nd division Birmingham after a replay. typical bloody Wednesday!!!