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  1. Hi, Yes that's my understanding as well, I posted to see if anyone else has any other answers. thanks.
  2. Brunswick Road in Pitsmoor is known locally as Champs Hill. Can any one tell my the origin of this name ?
  3. "Vinny" is still active and singing around the pubs in Pitsmoor.
  4. It was not called the "London Mart" until many years after it was built.. Standing on the corner of Fitzalan Square and High Street, the site was occupied during the 1870s by the Wine and Spirit Commercial Hotel. By the late 1880s it was known as Market Street Wine Vaults. The owner was a John Marples, and the licence held in the name of Edward Marples. Despite a further change of name to the London Mart, regulars always referred to the pub as Marple's. It's official name was still the London Mart in 1940. The building itself was seven stories high comprising of guests bedrooms, concert rooms, bars and lounges with a network of cellars - it was thought of as a solid and safe building.
  5. I know Brunswick Road. Pitsmoor, (AKA localy "Champs Hill") was once called "Tom Cross Lane", But who was Tom Cross, and when / why was the name changed to Brunswick Road.? Does any one know ?
  6. Hi Darra, I may be able to get some info about Ian Lemons whereabouts, I will let you know when I have any info via this site.
  7. Pye Bank from around 1954 I was born 1949. then Burngreave "High school". (I call it "High School" because it's on top of a hill, lol)
  8. Now "Burngreave Road" & "Brunswick Road" respectevly, Brunswick Road known localy as "Champs Hill"
  9. ​Hi, the Two guy's in this photo are familiar, especialy the one stood up at the back. Has any one got a name for these two ?
  10. Is this where we get the saying "daylight robbery" from?
  11. Where was this? and why no photo