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  1. That brings back great memories. Thanks.
  2. Yes, the Admiral on Birley moor road (Frecheville shops) is well worth a visit. The fish are Huge. :P
  3. Whoops missed that. Maybe a section dedicated to the subject would be easier to find. Thanks anyway Steve.
  4. What about a Sheffield Schools section where people can discuss their school memories, post photos and gossip about old teachers. Could prove to be very interesting, some people could get in touch with old friends through it also.
  5. Ian is probably better known as Vernon from Coronation Street or Tricky Dicky from Eastenders. A big Wednesdayite and I am led to believe he went to the same school as me, Frecheville Comp. Did anyone on here go to school at the same time as him and confirm he did in fact attend that school?
  6. Those photos are superb. It just shows what a beautifil city we live in. Some of the arcitecture is awsome both old and new. We are surrounded by it every day and don't realise it. Thanks Richard. lol
  7. 60p for a silk scarf!!!!!!!! DAYLIGHT ROBBERY!! lol
  8. I remember John Fanthams, I used to go there. Was Steve the one with the foreign accent?
  9. Alan Kilby mate, not Brian. He was a bouncer at Josephines
  10. There was someone employed by them who operated the lifts. Sat on a stool just inside the door pressing the buttons.
  11. Skeggy most of the time in a 6 berth caravan. Great days, life was so simple then.
  12. Superb, I was goin to add this to the thread but you beat me to it. We used to make a ramp with our Ladybird books. Also had a six million dollar man action figure. He had a bionic eye that you could look through (only problem was it made things look further away). Also had a bionic arm, you rolled up the rubber skin on his arm to reveal the "bionics" and he used to lift up an engine I think it was by pressing a button on his back. Anyone else remember him??
  13. thanks for that its brilliant. I like how they took visa before they closed.