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  1. When i was a lad we lived at the bottom of Eccleshall Rd by the Wards brewery...our address was 3 court 1 Renton St
  2. is that the one where Birchenall scored two on his debut!! I'd rather forget lol
  3. that was my first season Kivo and I remember it well I was on the leppings lane end in the corner on the old wooden stand everybody was stamping their feet it made a right noise.
  4. I dont know what match you went to but there was trouble in the ground on their end which spread round to the wednesday end and at one point the wednesday fans tore down a fence to throw at the oldham fans. When Big Jack appealed for calm there were still missiles being thrown and he walked off shaking his head cos' he was being ignored
  5. We were on the Holt end and all round the ground it was a glorious night in a period when we had little to shout about. I went to his testimonial at barnsley which had a good turnout from wednesday fans
  6. I was in the Army at the time and should have gone back there after my weekend leave but stopped for the match. When i got home there were two regimental police seargents waiting for me. I got 7 days nick but it was worth it.
  7. I have one of those, my brother and I used to sit in the North but went back on the kop when they put the roof on and we're still there
  8. There was a fantastic photo of Springett in the Sunday Express taken on a wintry day at Burnley I think... because of the angle it showed him horizontal saving the ball but it looked as thought he was above the crossbar...it was a fantastic photo i would have loved to see it again
  9. Doreen Hill, both of my brothers Mark and Simon used to pop in occasionally too
  10. I had my stag night in there in 72' all i can remember is falling down all those stairs lol
  11. Me and Stuart used to work at Sheaf Valley baths and when we used to pull at Sammy's we used to take them back there in the sauna suite he he
  12. This used to be on Neepsend Lane. My mum used to work behind the bar and play darts for the women's team. I never got to know why it was called the monkey though any ideas??
  13. I used to play for the football team there Mick and was a member up to about 1997. We used to do our pre -season around there every year.
  14. My mum worked behind the bar during the seventies and me and both of mybrothers used to drink in there on a regular basis. We had some fantastic lock ins there including on new years party that finished at 7 am at which point we all went to Naaz's for a curry lol
  15. I remember going in there with my mum who used to play in the womens darts team at the Monkey so used to play there. It was always areally friendly pub with good ale