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  1. Loved Caramac, it was my favourite, Munchies, Toffos, lucky bags, Penny Arrow Bars, any type of Sherbert that you could buy buy the ounce, the list is endless.
  2. If it’s the one I think it is, it was called Kirks.
  3. Hi Jenny Try the Great War Forum, maybe they have the answer, they are a helpful bunch http://1914-1918.invisionzone.com/forums/
  4. Not sure if you have found the lists of Army deaths but here is the link http://search.findmypast.co.uk/search-world-Records/british-nationals-armed-forces-deaths-1796-2005
  5. From the Sheffield Records Online, Samuel Bingham Licenced Victualler age 75, of 67 Montgomery Terrace Road was Buried 5th of May 1910 in the General Cemetery also in the same grave is Samuel's wife Elizabeth Ann who was buried 18th of August 1896 http://www.sheffieldrecordsonline.org.uk/
  6. Hi you are welcome, according to that tree Lilly's maiden name was also Johnson Free BDM Marriage June Qrt 1880 William Fitch Lilly Johnson Sheffield 9c 539 also a birth for a William Fitch Sept Qrt 1882 Ecclesall B 9c 333
  7. Hi have you seen the tree on Ancestry where Lilly's first husband's name is William Fitch Sylvia
  8. Your welcome Richard I had another look for Jacob but still no luck Sylvia
  9. Images sent Richard good luck Sylvia
  10. Hi Richard I think i have found Lillian,Fred, Harry and George Bell all living in the Rotherham area i think. Lillian and George living with different relatives and Harry living with Fred if you pm me your e-mail address i will send the images to you to ponder over Sylvia
  11. Your welcome Richard, I had a look through some of the Ozzie Deaths on Ancestry just incase he popped his cloggs down here,but nothing came up for Mark good luck Sylvia
  12. My username Oscar is the middle name of of a Gt.Uncle killed in France in 1917 Sylvia
  13. Hi Unitedite Thankyou for clarifying things I'm sorry i cant help with Memorial or gravemarker Sylvia