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  1. A few snippets 1911 October 1919 November 1919 September 1921 December 1921 1929 Februray 1950
  2. I believe they played in the white kit for all the FACup games that season as they wre drawn away in every round!
  3. 1922/23 Season 5/4/23 10/4/23 16/4/23 21/4/23 25/5/23
  4. Voldy - hope this is of interest ! 23rd April 1921 27th July 1921 1924
  5. It sounds like the game was a bit of a cracker! From t' Green 'Un April 7 1956
  6. Hi

    I have co-written a book about Donington in the 1930's which may now be published by The Crowood Press. We'd like to include a the photo of Bill Beevers that appears on your site page of the Sheffield History Forum 


    Given this would you be able to confirm that it will be in order to use the image in any Crowood publication for worldwide use, in both print and digital format. Of course your contribution would be acknowledged in the caption to the images.


    I look forward to hearing from you and if you have any queries please don’t hesitate to let me know


    All the best and thanks



    Bill Beevers 220717.jpg

  7. No thanks for sharing your memories - I assume you'll rememebr and have the autographs of a frew of these ?
  8. Hi - you can see in this picture that they built up the road by a considerable amount when it was laid out. http://www.picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;s17179&pos=24&action=zoom&id=19850 I walked past that cottage after the match the other day - if you fell down the bank from the footpath you would do yourself a serious injury
  9. Wow I never knew that ! I spent housrs of my life in Revolution in 1977-81 - remember they used to write lists of news records on the wall - used to be a mad rush for the limited editiosn coloured versions or free badges etc. I bought In the City there to though never knew they had been there. Paul Weller looks like a child - which he was ! great days !
  10. John - may be a long shot but many of the sports teams in the 19th century ie The Wednesday, Sheffield United had both fooball and cricket sections. One of these clubs - and the only one I can think of beginning with "E" (apart from Ecclesfield or Ecclesall was the Exchange Works who had both a football and cricket team. I suppos ethere is a chance they were referred to as Exchaneg Works (Sheffield) cricket Club ? Could this fit ? from Sheffield Telegraph 1902 ! exchange cricket.tiff