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  1. I knew the people who had a carpet shop in there opposite Halifax Alice worked there and sometimes her daughter Gill.
  2. Who is charlie wag? I went to the girls brigade there and used to go to the disco, there was John Lindley, Bill Hempstock, Alan Baines, Metcalf twins Ann Glossop, Sheila Allott, Barbara Bridden (who's boyfriend was Peter Metcalf).My name was Jean Hutchinson and I lived opposite the washhouse.
  3. I remember my son going to Christie's wasn.t it for young teenagers?
  4. Hi just found this site, I lived 2 doors up from the chip shop on Daniel HIll at number 18, Frost's chips and fish were the best ever,I also used to go to st nats and was in the cgb, I remember the metcalfe twins and all the other names and also John Lindley, Bill Hempstock, Alan Baines and many more when I remember.