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  1. Guess everyone must have passed away
  2. I don't think. Many of them exist anymore either swallowed up by large groups and production moved away or ceased trading, my point was to ensure these great names were preserved for the future the steel groups and other fine Sheffield firms should not be forgotten.
  3. Do you remember the whitsuntide boys brigade marches from various Wesleyan reform chapels mine was near the Upwell Street end of wincobank lane grimesthorpe we would march upto firth park, I was a rather poor bugler don't think I ever made much noise out of it drowned out by the others this would be around 1958 -1959 we moved from Bank Side Farm at the end Sanderson street Brightside. I went to Owler Lane High School the Headteacher was named Hall, I recall an incident in the assembly there one day when a teacher Miss Maynard slapped him across the face! My grandad and dad ran a pig farm at Brightside and a mobile hardware shop in a converted old Bedford coach.
  4. I asked the South Yorkshire PTE (passenger transport) if they would consider putting the names of some of Sheffields famous company names on the fleet of trams, they weren't interested. It really is time that these famous names are given some form of permanent memorial. Dixons Pitchfork Mint Rock, George Bassett, Firth Browns, Brown Baileys, English Steel Corporation, John Banners, Wilkes Brothers, Jessop Saville, Ernest Hadfields, Millspaugh, Cox & Danks, Thomas Black, Stanley Tools, John Walsh, T B Cockaynes, Brightside & Carbrook Cooperative, Joseph Tomlinsons, Shiphams, Binghams Beef Spread, Redgates, Sheffield & Eccleshall Co-op, Brook Bond Tea, Henry Wigfalls, Cole Brothers, Atkinsons, Brook Shaw, Ellis Son & Paramore, Fletchers Bakery, Arthur Davy & Son, shentalls, ellis pearson, Gowers & Burgons, Hendersons Relish,Robert Brothers,Tinsley Wire, There's loads more, please feel free to add to the list
  5. anyone went here in the early 1960s when Mr Hall was the head and Miss Maitland was one of the teachers??
  6. wasnt the mojo club on barnsley road a night club?
  7. I recall the head of the Juniors was Mr Gathercole, I must have left sometime before the 1958/9 year to go to mosborough junior school now gone, but i went to the nursery, infants and I think Junior 1 , i spent my last school days at Owler Lane I think the head then was Mr Hall, I remember one of the teachers Miss Maitland i think it was slapping him across the face in the assembly one morning that was quite memorable, she was the sister of a later very good friend of mine who owned Abbey Taxis Pexton road later Rutland road.