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  1. Hi Old Canny,

    My name is Charlie Abbott and from your Birth date it would seem we could have been at Burngreave School at the same time, 1952 ish. I have just spent a little time looking at the Sheffield Forum website and come across your reference to Burngreave and the photo which really brought it all back to me. I could not believe the photo of Mr Scowcroft, the Headmaster. I was head boy (whatever that means) in 1953 and so the image has brought a smile to my face.

    Time has passed and memory wear has deleted most of the names and things from my early days.I lived at 95, Ellesmere Road with my Brother Les and Sister Jean until I went into National Service in 1957 and then moved to Liverpool on demob. Worked and had family in that area until moving to St. Asaph, North Wales in 1997 where I now live.

    I would love to have information of any kind about the area and  those days if you are able to let me have any, this would no doubt amuse my family also. My personal email is charlie@foxxholdings.co.uk if this helps.

    I look forward to hearing from you,



  2. There was much discussion on this topic on this page some years ago. I remember the Petre Street CC with affection, for I used to watch them play midweek matches in the 1940s. When I walked from Newhall, I used to pass close to the ground on my way to my grandmother's house in Pitsmoor, and always stopped to watch the game. The team's hero in those days was a ginger-haired chap called Hancock. I often wonder what happened to him --and to the club.
  3. Ceejee, many thanks for taking the trouble to forward this cutting.In the event, I did have this info, and it has been noted in the Who Was Who of the Sheff Telegraph that is being compiled. But, of course,I might well not have found it, so, again, thanks. All the best!
  4. Smith of the Star: Bringing sunshine to Eric & Ern's act - News - The ... www.thestar.co.uk/.../smith-of-the-star-bringing-sunshine-to-eric-ern... This may be of interest to anyone following the story of Jean Bamforth, the dancer from High Green who worked with Morecambe & Wise.
  5. I can now confirm that Jean Bamforth died aged 87 on Feb 3 2013 in Norwich, with her ambition to travel north for one last time to re-visit her High Green, Chapeltown and Sheffield roots sadly unfulfilled. See The Star, Feb 7th for more info.
  6. Just learned that an old Burngreave schoolfriend, Terry Cain, has died at the age of 75. Terry has been suffering from Alzheimer's for the past few years, and it has been very sad to see him unable to remember friends and family. He was a really good guy, and he was a great pal when we were colleagues almost 60 years ago. He lived in the Birley Street area of Woodside in those days. His funeral is at Grenoside Crem (North Chapel) on Jan 10 2013 at 12.30.
  7. In connection with the above project, which is an attempt to list (with biogs) all journalists who worked for the famous old morning newspaper that closed in 1986, we are seeking info on the following Sheffield Telegraph reporters from the 1950s: Bill Guy; John Stevenson; Jacqueline Wilkie; Wacker Barnett; Jim Corfield; Eric Dobson; Peter Rowland; and Sylvia 'Kit' Turnbull. Bill Guy was the son in law of another well-known Telegraph journalist, George Hopkinson; while Sylvia Turnbull was in some way connected with the family that ran the Gilmours Brewery in Sheffield. Wacker Barnett, by the way, is a genuine name. He came from Chester, and, so I'm told, hated it when people thought his accent meant he was a native of Liverpool! Any info will be gratefully received.
  8. Can anyone provide any info on a 1950s Sheffield Telegraph journalist called Louise Dray? She was on the paper in the early 1950s, and worked as a reporter and feature writer. I am seeking the info for a project called A Who Was Who of the Sheffield (Morning) Telegraph 1855-1986.
  9. Hi Bweeps. Thanks for the contact. Myself and 2 other former Sheffield Telegraph people have tried to contact John, by letter and by telephone, but have not really got anywhere. We have included him in the Telegraph Who Was Who, but, sadly, the biographical detail is very limited. I think you might be able to help by providing a few facts. Do you know how many years he worked in the North West, and when he retired?
  10. I can tell you that of these names the ones I recall are Louis (Bill) Gardner, who was chief clerk in the Redfyre Sales dept, and Jock Hastings, who in my time at Thorncliffe was a Redyre sales rep. Some of the other names are familiar. I had a long spell in Redyre Sales from around 1959, and was later in the Press Office at NC. I have very fond memories of my time at Newton Chambers, and, indeed, have started a Remember Newton Chambers page on Facebook (as a back-up to these SH pages), and it would be good to see you on there, too! A number of NC old timers are also on there, and they may be able to help --indeed, you may be able to encourage them to scan the SH pages.
  11. I wonder if anyone in Sheffield remembers Sylvia “Kit” Turnbull, a 1950s Sheffield Telegraph reporter who was a member of the family that ran the once well-known local Gilmour brewery? I believe her father was either the chairman or managing director. WE are seeking information in connection with a Who Was Who of the Sheffield (Morning) Telegraph project.
  12. Harry Truelove was living in Bridlington the last time I heard from him. Sadly, Harry Levett died some years ago.
  13. Recent deaths of ex-Sheffield (Morning) Telegraph journalists include Frazer Wright, the former Business Editor, and Benny Hill, the Sports Editor from 1976 to 1986.
  14. I should mention that although Sheffield History did not lead me directly to Larry "Weasel" Dixon, I have just heard from another old AAS colleague after more than 50 years --and he spotted the reference on Sheffield History! So it pays to post searches on here, and then be a little patient!
  15. That's true, but if you don't know where, you can't even begin to search. You've got to hope they see a note on here, or on Facebook or something. Ian Knowles, sadly, being of an older generation now, might not be the sort of guy who looks on things like Sheffield History --unless his grandkids point him in the right direction!