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  1. I remember the Magnet as a kid in the mid 60's. We moved us back to England from Canada in 1964 and we lived at my Grandmother's at 44 Kyle Crescent. My grandmother was a regular at the Magnet, closes table to the bar they said.
  2. Was in there last September before and after the derby. Great pint of Thwaites.
  3. I had a look at the Wisewood's web site seems a nicer and bigger place. Have sent the link to relatives in Sheffield it's their call as they are on the spot and can check things out . Thanks for the heads up.
  4. The family were talking about a reunion this summer in Sheffield and someone suggested the Yew Tree Inn on Loxley New Road, Malin Bridge. It's not a pub I am familiar with and wonder what it is like? I understand they have a private room, not sure how big, but is this a good venue for a reunion of 100 people including kids?
  5. Sorry to restart an old thread but I cam across this searching for the Sheffield Independent. I see where old articles from this paper are available on CD's. I have been tracing the family tree and was looking for details on my Grandfather's Army service record and was told about an article with an an image of my grandfather F.A. Taylor in the Sheffield Independent of the day, stating he was wounded 3 times. The paper is dated 7/5/15 and I was wondering how if it is possible to get a copy.
  6. Sawmaker's Arms at 1 Neepsend Lane, Joseph B Williams was the landlord of the Sawmaker's Arm's from 1925-1948. Joseph Williams is an ancestor of mine, and I knew he kept the Sawmaker's, but I don't know a great deal about him. I was wondering if anyone has any information about him other than he was the landlord?
  7. I know full well about the bad reputation of the Magnet and have no quarrels about it being closed and finally torn down. The whole estate has gotten worse since the mid sixties when I lived on it. The Magnet like a lot of Sheffield Pubs had a long and colourful history. I try to remember that rather than what a few idiots have done to destroy it. My Dad used to tell me about ex Wednesday captain Ted Catlin being the landlord there for a time and about the tossing ring that was held in the court outside before the police shut it down.
  8. There was one "Black" kid in my class I believe his name was Tony. I think he was an orphan. Was there an orphanage around Southey Green? Amazing about Miss Patinson 97, grand old age. But I think I am starting to develop arthritis in my hands from all those rulers she broke over my knuckles. We lived with my grandmother (who spent most of her time in the Magnet) at 44 Kyle Cres.
  9. The picture brought back memories of Patterson and Shufflebottom, not really sure if I recognize any of the students. I remember getting individual pictures taken and still have one but can't remember a class picture. I am sure if any one was there the same time as I, they would remember me. As you can see from your picture, the area was hardly ethnically diverse and while I looked like everyone else because many of my relatives lived on Parson Cross, Southey Green, the minute I opened my mouth they could tell I wasn't local. Although I was a Canadian everyone thought I was a yank.
  10. Anyone remember the Magnet at Southey Green? When I was a kid in mid 60's my grandmother used to drink their regularly. She had a small table right near the bar and she beat a path to and from the bar all night. Last time I was in Sheffield it stood empty and now I hear it has been torn down, I am sure there is at least one old lady turning in her grave.
  11. I went to Southey Green Primary School‎ on Crowder Av from 1964-66 I remember getting canned by the Principal or Head a Mrs. Patterson and numerous other teachers for next to nothing. Quite a difference comming from a Canadain school system where you only got canned for something serious. I also remember a teacher Mr. Shufflebottom, probably the name has just stuck in my mind. Don't know about any changes have only drove by the school a couple of times since we moved back to Canada.