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  1. Hi metalmickuk, the first time I saw Table bowls played was in a pub in the Lake District, that was around forty years ago. Shortly after (early 70's) I saw the game played, on more than one occasion in Hartley House WMC on Bellhouse Rd, Shiregreen, one regular participant in the game was also a very keen billiards player.
  2. Hi, sorry but I got confused as I was thinking of Firth Rixons at Attercliffe. I do apologise.
  3. Hi, I did work for Firth Rixons for a few years in the forge on the 30cwt hammer, also thay had 2 other hammers a 1 ton and a 15 cwt and a a ring mill.
  4. Hi, my father was a shunter at Hadfields around about 1960's, his name was Stan Frith.