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  1. What do you remember about this Sheffield place?

    Chatting with a neighbour called Jean, it turns out Bill Ogley was her brother. W/E.
  2. Back Edge

    I bet most of us ex Chaucer boys will still have fond memories of the Back Edge. W/E.
  3. Sheffield to Manchester via Castleton.

    Well, I was lucky. Took my test in a crash box Crossley, drove A.E.C. pre-selects every day in service until they were finally withdrawn [for the second and last time]. Then there were the Leyland Leopards with manual gearbox and a big stick to pull on for door operation. Though when we started OMOing these Queens Road very kindly converted the doors to air operation for us. Not much exciting after that apart from the Ailsa-Volvo's and the Bendy's of coarse. In the mid 1970s the Sheffield fleet of 49 single-deck and 633 double-deck buses formed the major portion of the new S.Y.P.T.E fleet. W/E.
  4. Sheffield to Manchester via Castleton.

    Front to rear, L.M.S. coach No. 51F a A.E.C. is bound for Bakewell. Sheffield Corporation bus No. 118 on route 20 to Manchester via Snake Pass. This was a 1926 Guy fitted with 30 seat Guy dual door bodywork. At the rear is L.M.S. coach. 53F another A.E.C. bound for Doncaster. This was one of the coaches that worked the Sheffield to Manchester service with connections at Manchester for Blackpool for a while, a short time later it was transferred to the East Midland Co. W/E.
  5. Sheffield to Manchester via Castleton.

    Midland Station approach c1930. Courtesy Chas. C Hall.
  6. Quiz, What is this and where would you find one ?

    And Dewandering all over Sheffield at one time. W/E.
  7. The Old Pond Street Bus Station

    An ideal candidate for a then and now picture! From the 60s I spent thirty years of my working life in and around that area, what stories, what characters. The petrol station even had a classic car showroom. A far cry from the ghost town it has now become. W/E.
  8. Sheffields Flora and Fauna

    She's back! W/E.
  9. Tram Locations

    New to Rotherham in the mid 30s tram number 5 was one of a batch of eleven. The last new trams to be purchased by that undertaking. W/E.
  10. Alfredos, Snig Hill

    I only went to Alfredo's when he was at Southey Green, that would have been in the late 60s. A good friendly hairdresser. W/E.
  11. Tram in 1912 on Batley Street, (now Crabtree Close)

    Postscript to the above. From September 1899 d/d trams ran to Osgathorpe road, [Batley Street], only s/d trams ran all the way to Page Hall. Batley Street siding opened August 1902. Tram 149 in the photo had a roof fitted in 1903, so photo must have been taken late 1902. From January 22nd 1905 all trams were safe enough to run through to Page Hall. Batley Street siding was then no longer used. Courtesy Sheffield Transport, Chas. C. Hall. W/E.
  12. Tram in 1912 on Batley Street, (now Crabtree Close)

    There was a very old cottage on the right hand corner that was demolished in the early 1970s. I delivered milk there and sometimes invited inside for a cuppa. We would often talk about the old tram terminus, apparently trams terminated there because the road down to Fir Vale was considered too steep and dangerous. W/E.
  13. In box

    Thanks for that boginspro and Steve HB. W/E.
  14. When Saturday Comes

    It turns out that Kim moved away from Pitsmoor in her early teens. It was very probably a friendship were everyone hung around together. Just like we all did in those far off days. W/E.