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  1. No, I just did a lot of "suet" in the 60s&70s. I spent my career at Sheffield's "premier" depot north of the city. W/E.
  2. Perhaps the large galleries the Midland station sits on were planned to be part of a underground system. W/E.
  3. A letter published in this mornings "Daily Mail" from a retired rail industry engineer was about underground railways. It mentions us. "Sheffield at one time had a large underground station, it was on a main line that ran right under the city" any ideas? W/E.
  4. I have never been a gambler, in fact I was 70 years old the first time i set foot in a betting shop, and that was to pick up a Irish lottery slip for a neighbour. When the last labour leadership contest was announced I just happened to see in the paper that bookies were offering 200 to 1 on Jeremy Corbin. This took me back to the days of a bookies runner we knew who hung about on Woodside Lane. He always said the secret of winning was to ignore the favourites and swot up on the "no hopers". Well I thought 200 to 1 on Jeremy, I will have a go at that. Going a bit over the top I thought, do it right put £200 on. Armed with my gas bill money I marched up to my local Betfred shop, at those odds it was worth the gamble, but do you know what I just could not do it. Echoes of he who hesitates is lost, and the fact that I could not really afford to lose that amount. This time if I had the 200 to gamble with perhaps I should have put it on England to win The World Cup! W/E.
  5. Up until a few years ago most of our fire stations in Sheffield had there own bar. Lowedges fire station closed theirs [allegedly] in the late 1990s. W/E.
  6. It was a "long stand" that I got caught out with along with "fetch a fan belt gasket". As for sayings, a face as long as Norfolk Street and a face to stop a clock were my mum's favourite sayings when we looked fed up. I liked the Confucius sayings though! W/E.
  7. A good idea that. Even though I have never intentionally walked over graves I have no problem with headstones. The times I have walked upon these I always read the inscriptions then try and imagine what the person may have looked like, what they did. At least that is one sure way of being remembered. When my time comes I should like to be scattered over the Cathedral plot on the top side of Wardsend Cemetery. We have a distant relative who got moved there when the Cathedral extension was being built. I also have many happy memories there learning about life and searching for the Indian Chief who we thought was buried there, [found out years later he was not!] W/E.
  8. Indeed it is! That Chicago-built prime mover was purchased by Bentley's commercial sales manager Norman Billingham in 1964. It was bought as a non-runner from MoD Ruddington. The Hurcules 893 cubic inch diesel engine was re-built in their commercial workshops on Attercliffe Road. It was then fitted out with Holmes heavy recovery equipment. As far as I know [ I left in 1965 ] it was always garaged there. W/E.
  9. Stern/Clyne. Corner of The Moor and Cumberland Street in the mid 60s. Very good for anything electronic. DIY valve and transistor radio kits, gramophones, tape recorders and well, just name it. Into Short Wave then nothing too much trouble. Happy days. W/E.
  10. Embrasure. An opening in a wall or parapet, used for shooting through. I wonder what else it could be hiding? W/E.
  11. I can see my mum now unpicking collars on our shirts to reverse them, that was one of many things mum's did in the old days. W/E.
  12. Yes, but the question is how and why has it survived? Every bit of property that side of Shrewsbury Road and Talbot Street was demolished for the Park Hill complex. There were hundreds of properties in that area, for only one to have been left standing there has got to be a very good reason. W/E.
  13. That is the one. My only claim to fame! W/E.