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  1. Good luck with the job hunting, my husband is doing the same thing and I know it is a soul destroying task. Just came accross one possible extra piece of information on Susannah, I think her family may have been Unitarians. No idea where their records are held but if anyone out there has any ideas I would be very grateful.
  2. Would anyone please be able to help me in finding the birth of Susannah? I think she was born in November 1811 in Sheffield, and that her father was Bryan Vittie. I'm really interested in her mother's name as after marrying Alfred Beckett in 1838 their two eldest sons were called Joseph Shaw Beckett and James Smith Beckett and I have no idea where either the Shaw or the Smith bits came from. Thanks Nicola
  3. Given that it seems likely that George's parents were George and Mary Hague, can anyone help me discover if the Mary Ingram on the 1841 census with George and his family in Hoyle Street, is his mother after a re-marriage, or even the mother of his wife Elizabeth Owen?
  4. Hi Gill George jnr and family lived in Hoyle Street from at least 1841 to 1881 when his widow, Ann, was still living there, so if you come across them anywhere else I'd love to know. I have Ancestry and have searched for the marriages of both George jnr to Elizabeth and George snr to Mary, but no luck. The IGI had two birth/baptisms for George, son of George and Mary, both the one Hugh mentioned, and the one I first mentioned, and I had assumed that these were the same family but the first George had died, although I can't find any burial records on IGI to back this up. Does anyone know if the birth I first mentioned for George/Mary also mentions the father's occupation as a scissorsmith, or is it just the first one? Good work with the transcribing, Gill, hope you finish soon so I can check out the first few children! Thanks Nicola
  5. Thanks, for all this, Hugh. It sounds as if George and Mary may be who I am looking for. It is very frustrating that the IGI has gaps. Is the index you have been looking at on-line? Also do you know of anywhere that would have the marriages from around 1820-1838 online?
  6. Hi Can anyone help with my ancestor George Hague? I've found him in all the censuses, and have him born in Sheffield around 1811 to George Hague, a scissorsmith, and ? (as per marriage certificate). He first married Elizabeth Owen (abt 1811-1849) and they had five known children, Mary A (1834), George J (1838), Elizabeth (1840), Margaret (1843, and Sarah Jane (1848). He then married Ann Frost (1824-?) in 1855 and they had five more known children, Harry Frost (1856), Walter (1860), Alice (1862), Edwin (1864) and Leonard (1866). I'm trying to track down the births/baptisms of George and Elizabeth, their marriage, and anything about George senior. From Family Search I can see there are a couple of possible births for George, either 29 Nov 1811 to George and Mary (Parkin?), or on 24 Oct 1813 to George and Sarah (Greaves), but have no way of knowing if either of these is correct. Does anyone have any ideas on where I can go next? Thanks Nicola