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  1. Thank you very much! You can’t be more precise than that. Looks a bit like student accommodation now on Google Street View, but that’s just a guess. John.
  2. Can anyone tell me the exact location of the Triumph Steel Works? The only address I can find is “Shoreham Street” but the satellite images on Google Maps do not show anywhere there that a steel works might be located. It is a bit silly that I don’t already know this, as John James Saville was my great-uncle... John Hill.
  3. My mother’s was 6535. I often went to the local CoOp at Banner Cross and the number is stuck permanently in my memory! I well remember the wire and trolley system they used to get the money to the cashier. My current number is many digits long - no hope of remembering it, not that it’s necessary with cards.
  4. The newspaper article goes on to list the "the larger and more commodious premises in Arundel Street" as among his assets, and the 1893 Kelly’s Directory for Sheffield contains an entry “John Y Cowlishaw, Electro-plater & fruit knife maker of 89 Arundel Street". By 1901 the Sheffield Pearl Works was being managed by George Clifford Saville at 89 Arundel Street, and an article in the Sheffield Daily Telegraph, 14 Feb 1914 page 15, states "The founder of the present firm, the late Mr. George Saville, took over the business from Mr. J. J. Saville, through whom the claim is made that these works were the birthplace of the trade in Sheffield, he having actually introduced the first cut shell into Solingen, the Sheffield of Germany.” (The "late Mr George Saville" was the father of the man runing the place in 1901.) Can anyone shed any light on how this works passed from John Cowlishaw's estate to John James Saville? There is a family tradition that it was acquired in settlement of a debt, but if so it must have been a big one. John.