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  1. Thanks to both of you, my confidence is growing. Going off the subject a little, does anybody buy items on line and is that safe. I have been tempted to but bottled out at the last minute. Things like this is all new to me and get quite nervous.
  2. Im thinking of banking on online but hearing things like this puts me off. Is it safe, can someone convince me thats its best thing they have ever done.
  3. When we were kids in the 1950s-60s we never did anything at halloween, we didnt even know what trick or treat was. All it did for me was scare the living daylights out of me. As for bonfire night, my brothers, sister and me went penny for the guiying. We collected 5-6 jars of cash and our dad bought with it loads of fireworks for bonfie night. All our neighbours joined in and they brought baked potateos, parkin horse chestnuts ect. Now on halloween i do a halloween party for the neighbourhood kids and my grandchildren. The kids go trick or treating, come back with a load of goodies stuff their faces while the adults have a few cans and a couple bottles of wine. Bonfire inight, if we dont go to a community bonfire, we dont bother at all. How times have change.
  4. Kids with Guy Fawkes outside every pub in town in october. Do they still do it?
  5. Wasnt there a jewellery shop at the side of the Upperthorpe pub.
  6. I think it was on Leopold St, didnt it take the place of the Buccaneer. I went into it once and didnt like it.
  7. Thanks Guys, he now remembers the Frog and Parrot and the Pince of Wales but he says there was another one that faced the Prince of Wales. Was it he says the Orchard or something along those lines.We were talking about the pubs we use to visitin the 70s on a friday and saturday nights. We would start off at the Beehive on West St and and a couple of pubs on our way down. Then into the Stonehouse,Buccaneer,Dove and Rainbow,Nelson Wopentect,Wetstones,Old Blue Bell,Black Swan,Hen and Chickens and finish up in the Penny Black or Crazy Daisy night club You could say we were a bit worst for wear at the end of the night( thats putting it mildly ) Can anyone else remember town pubs of the 70s, i am sure i have missed some out.
  8. My hubbys asked if anyone can remember what the pubs were called on Division St in the 70s
  9. Thanks neddy. Was he a well known artist or just a hobby (in that case i wont be rich should i intend to sell).
  10. I had this water colour painting given me a few years ago. It is dated 1867 and painted by someone called VW Wanclrocht. It is called Heely near Sheffield, the residense of Mrs Mitchell nee Elizabeth Wanclrocht. Has anyone any info on the artist and painting. also is the house still standing.
  11. Thank to both of you. Brought back a lot of childhood memories. Also thanks for the warm welcome, the site is brilliant.
  12. I went to Pye Bank in the 1960-66. Most miserble time of my school life. I remember Miss Wheeler, she caned me for not having my hair up, i was only 8. Then onto Burngreave Girls School 1966- 69 That was a lot better, at least they treat you like human beings. Then they changed Burngreave into a middle school.
  13. Hi everybody, new to all this. Me and my husband moved from Sheffield to Bridlington 20 years ago I have being looking for a site like this for some time and came across this one quite by accident. We may have moved from Sheffield but we are still intrested on what goes on and proud of our roots. I was brought up on Nottingham St (Pitsmoor) in the 60s, and would like to know if anyone has any photos around that area that icould see. Also loved to hear from anybody who lived there at that time. Thanks lynn.55