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  1. Hi all, does anyone know where I can find information about the rebuilding/redevelopment of the Moor/South Street area after WW2 and into the 50's and 60's? I seem to remember the street layout in the 50's when I used to go into town on the tram or bus, with my parents, but my memory seems to be full of empty spaces! Cheers, Dave
  2. Thanks Edmund, does anyone know who owns it now?
  3. Does anyone know who used to run or own the garage at the top of Broomspring Lane?
  4. Hi,don't know if you've noticed,but a new church has been built on this site now!
  5. Thanks for your reply,SuzyC,but it was definately Pharmaceutical Earthmover!The drummer was David Sinclair;I can't remember the guitarist's first name but his surname was(is) Gledhill,don't know if he's any relation to the band "Gledhill";which is another name for the list!Can the bands Acid and Acoustic Angels be added to the list and what about Boy on a Dolphin and anything else with John Reilly is associated with?
  6. I'm new on this site,but been around for years!I remember being in a band in the '60's with the legendary Cary Bayliss of Acoustic Angels.The band was called ACID,played free in Weston Park one summer-68or69. Here are some more---Schaeffer,Phoenix Rising,Seventh Son,Storm,Pig'n'aif,The F**kwits,From Within,Pharmaceutical Earthmover(I kid you not),Sour Mash,The Carnival,Charlie Don't Surf,Rodger,Panza Division,The Creep,IQ One toFive. If I remember anymore,I'll add them on.I might even have missed some out that I've played in!!! Phoenix Rising supported Marrilion at the Limit,Schaeffer supported It Bites at the Leadmill.....
  7. Does anyone remember Silhouette Nightclub on the corner of London Rd & Broadfield Rd in the mid to late 60's? Also Down Broadway,below what used to be Stylo shoe shop on High Street?I remember seeing Jethro Tull there on what must have been their first "tour" in the late 60's;there must have been at least 20 people there.They were a bit strange.......!
  8. Yes,it did.I remember playing there in the mid 80's with a band called Schaeffer.There were pillars all over the place holding the ceiling up and I kept hitting one with my bass guitar!