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  1. Problem is that yes it suggests it is a tudor house but there are no documents I can find for it earlier than 1840s.
  2. I can't find a mention of Andover Street before 1851 so am assuming cottage was on its own before. However looking at Sheffield Indexers trade indexes there seems to be more than one house in Andover Street so confused. Finding houses for rent in Andover Street it says they belong to Duke of Norfolk so maybe there are some records of properties for Duke of Norfolk in the Sheffield Archives? Also in local studies they have a file of houses that came up for sale (estate agent type thing). Might be a description of the cottage and map or possibly the new houses built in 1850s that may have detail and name of the cottage within the building plan.
  3. Chartist court case

    No it is very clear in the Newpaper article as the Daw. the dams are mentioned in other evidence.
  4. I'm trying to find out where the DAW was in Sheffield. The witness account says "On the night in question went with a party of dragoons towards Crook's moor. There is a place there called the Daw. Three men were found there. They ran off down the lane, and two of them got over the wall. The third ran on down the causeway." So was it an area, a pub or similar? The only thought I had was that could be Dawes wine shop in Meadow Street. But would they call it the Daw? Can't find a pub called the Daw or Jackdaw. So any ideas?
  5. Norton History

    There isn't much of a Norton History Group these days due to not enough members. I am in touch with one if you want to DM me I can put you in touch but really Rev Geoffrey White is as good. He is part of Sheffield Indexers and his knowledge of Norton is unbeatable.
  6. Joined up Heritage

    I would like to know if they were the same person that the farmer was feeding in Norton that was living in Backfields with a wife and child. I had wondered if he came to Sheffield because of the abolitionists who had lived in Sheffield and was looking for a safe house. There is no newspaper accounts I can find after he was in Norton area. It would be nice to know his story had a happy ending.
  7. Joined up Heritage

    It was how he was described and how someone was described living in Backfields. Not my intention to cause offence. I was using it as an illustration that although they were seemingly horrified at him being a slave on British soil they weren't exactly describing him in polite terms. The news accounts are pretty racist in their accounts.
  8. Norton History

    There were no standard records till Queen Elisabeth brought them in. So unless they are in court records of some sort there is not going to be much. Norton Manor Records are missing. There are some mentions of people from Norton re Nottingham and Derbyshire Court Rolls which are stored at Nottingham archives but they are online. There is Feet of Fines which mentions people who rent or buy lands. Some mentions of disputes re Beauchief Abbey and locals in Abbey records. Also Hearth Tax. Wills of course (Litchfield) if they were reasonably wealthy or chancery records if they died without a will and there was a dispute about inheritance. If family was related to someone who held a coat of arms there are the visitation records (whereby people had to show their family tree to keep their coat of arms).
  9. Joined up Heritage

    That is interesting because I have been trying to trace a South African slave a Kaffir who escaped his owners and turned up in Norton at a farm there. Could there be a link perhaps? I think though I am not entirely sure that the man turned up at Backfields married with a daughter and working as a porter. Under British Law any slave found on British soil no longer qualified as a slave so people were horrified when owner offered a reward for his return. Who was the man your great great aunt married?
  10. http://www.joinedupheritagesheffield.org.uk/index.php If you are a Friend of a historic or heritage park if you want to be part of the heritage conversation you need to join us. See website to get an idea about what we are about. Send your local heritage group content to our web guru: stephen@llamadigital.co.uk Preferably a paragraph of information and photo or logo. We hope to give all heritage organisations a chance to be heard and to be supported.
  11. 11am – 12.30pm Saturday 17th June FREE ENTRY donations welcome Upper Chapel, Norfolk Street, Sheffield, S1 2JD. Chair: Anya Sutton, Director, Thread ArchitectsSpeakers: Paul Bedwell, Trustee at Sheffield Civic Trust and Civic VoiceRob Murfin, newly appointed Chief Planning Officer at Sheffield City Council
  12. While I was looking for the old papermill dam in Ecclesfield I came upon this old building. It is just across from Jinnah restaurant just up from Whitley Lane. I asked on the Ecclesfield and Chapeltown through time site and they said it was once a coaching inn and called the Plough. Before that they said Colt Lane Farm. Anyone got any more details about its history?
  13. Herdings Farm House

    When I was looking for information for Herdings because the landowners ie were Chaworth, Foljambe, Roos, and Babbington the early info is in the Nottingham archives under Derby Notts. In earlier times the area was under the Sheriff of Nottingham. So might be worth looking at what you can find in Nottingham catalogues.
  14. I have found since that Yorkshire TV did use that site on Wincobank Hill and then BBC took over. The information is on a BBC site so no reason to believe they have got it wrong. A Friend of Wincobank told me they brought up a vehicle hence why they believed that was reason for 2 lines of cobbles. However I think the two lines of cobbles were laid in WW1 so they could bring up the big gun.
  15. It isn't but the old post office is now looking great, funding has been awarded for a IT hub in the old Castle Coop. And we don't need Tony because Sheffield University Architect students have come up with their own cunning plan which hopefully we can get going. Won't happen overnight of course. A lot of hard work and fundraising to do.