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  1. The clock tower seems to look slightly different to the one in the main picture don't you think? Sorry , I seem to be looking at the wrong clock, I was looking at the one in the centre of the picture.
  2. Old Sheffield dishes

    Not forgetting RABBIT STEW. I remember them hung outside the butchers shop complete with fur, I read they don't do this anymore because it scares the kids and no one wants the job of skinning them anyway. STEW & DUMPLINGS . I still love stew and dumplings but I remember when I was young my elder brother came home from Malaya where he had been during his army years and he brought some curry powder home with him. He finally persuaded my mother to put it in the stew telling us all we would love it, not ever having heard of the word curry we gave it a try, yuk none of us liked it and it spoilt a good pan of stew. I still don't like curry to this day. LENTIL SOUP. Every mother did a big pan of lentil soup for the family consisting of turnips , carrots, onions , red lentils and bacon pig ribs. the meat just used to fall off the bones when cooked. You can't get the bacon bones today because they all seem to be pork ribs [ unsalted ] that go to make bbq ribs and Chinese ribs. CORNED BEEF PLATE PIE. This is my favourite, mother used to make a large plate pie short crust pastry on the top and bottom filled with mashed potato, onions and chopped up corned beef . The recipe has been passed down the family and my daughter still makes it, it can be eaten hot or cold. On the other hand you can have CORNED BEEF HASH that's more or less the same but without the pastry. TRIPE & ONIONS . Which I would never eat, the thought of boiling tripe and onions in milk, yuk, but I love tripe or cow heel pieces with salt and vinegar although they don't taste the same anymore, all you can taste is cleaning fluids. MEAT & POTATO PIE. You can't beat home made meat and potato pie with Sheffield Henderson's Relish STEAMED STEAK & KIDNEY PIE. I love this steamed suet pudding although it takes a long time, I put it in the basin and cover it with foil and put it in the crock pot for a few hours, yummy. I also like a kidney on my pork chop but the butchers say are not allowed to sell them together even though they grow together, they have to cut them off and sell them separately. BUBBLE & SQUEAK. All the left overs from yesterdays usually Sundays dinner fried up in the pan, we used to put piccalilli on it. FRENCH TOAST. I don't know if this did come from France but that's what we used to call it and there are different versions to this, ours were partly toasted as to warm bread so the margarine would melt in then we would sprinkle on the sugar and eat. HOME MADE RICE PUDDING. Mother used to put it in the oven and half way through cooking she would take it out and stir in some treacle [ golden syrup and pop it back in until it produced a lovely brown skin on top, we all used to fight over the skin as to who got the biggest piece . HOME MADE BREAD, Another delight, couldn't wait until it cooled we had to get the marge on to let it melt in. [ Couldn't afford butter.] BLACK PUDDING. Black pudding had to have little pieces of fat in it or it wasn't the same. I liked it warm with Henderson's Relish on but I haven't had any for years . I've slowly gone off it. CHICKERLINGS & BAG. You don't see this much today either, the last time I had some many years ago all you could taste were cleaning fluids again. BRAWN . How I hated it but you can still buy it today. POLONY. I used to like this but very hard to find today, bet it doesn't taste the same. Are you ready to order?
  3. The Chinese restaurant we used to go to in the late 1960s was much higher up Commercial Street and not in the Gas building and according to this link they were still paying their bills there in 1972. I do remember going to the night club there though, I think it was The Turn Ups.
  4. Does anyone remember these?

    Didn't they look stupid? Two white elephants would have looked better.
  5. Cabbage Alley

    There used to be a WATERY Lane in Portmaon.
  6. Wow that's far before my time, I'd have been playing with dolls not chess. Was this place in Commercial Street too?
  7. That's the one , it was in the late 1960s early 70s well before Chinese started doing buffet style. I always enjoyed it there myself and friends still think it was called the Gambit. As I remember it didn't seem to last that long.
  8. philadelphia school

    If you scroll back a little on page 2 of Sheffield schools you will find some old Philadephia school pictures, you may recognise one or two faces.
  9. Hi Tina, I think you may be getting your gas and electric a bit mixed up. This building has always been what we knew as the gas building where we used to go with our mothers to pay the bills. Later in life I remember going when it was a Chinese restaurant [ Gambit?] also I went to a wedding here when it had changed to a nightclub. I'm sure someone will recall the name of it. To us oldies it's still the gas house.
  10. The Wicker - early 1900’s

    I absolutely love this picture, it says it all doesn't it?
  11. Hole in the Road

    I'm a bit late posting with this one looking at the date above but maybe these pictures will be better posted on this thread. It's the keeper of the fish tank Mr Kenneth Cornthwaite and his son doing what he has to do behind the tank with the pumps etc. These were taken when it was being emptied for the very last time before the hole in the road closed.
  12. Where was Burnt Tree Lane? (mentioned in this article)

    I remember playing with my friends in the short bit of Burnt Tree Lane, starting at the end of Hoyle Street we used to run through the alleyway and out of the other end which was between the Meadow pub and Fantozzi's sarsaparilla bar [ long gone .] Here are some photos of the Hoyle Street end and the narrow opening between the boarded up Meadow pub and the demolished Fantozzis.
  13. Extinct Sheffield Food Brands

    Ha, you tell me that now, I didn't know about that at the time.
  14. Extinct Sheffield Food Brands

    There used to be some company on Penistone Road that did pop, I think it was Barrs and I'm sure they did Tizer and Jusoda.
  15. There's A Sale On In The Hole In The Road !

    Did you ever wonder what it was like behind the fish tank, seeing all the pumps etc, well here's a few photographs showing the keeper Mr Ken Cornthwaite and son about to empty the tank for the very last time before the hole in the road closed.