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  1. But I've heard it said that it's a 'dieing ' trade.
  2. Our farmer milkman retired who we had had for years and years so it was passed on to some company with two young men delivering. We go away often and sometimes long weekends but they just couldn't handle it, they would be leaving milk when we were on holiday and not delivering when we did need it, it went on for many months until I called it a day. It's a shame that I now buy it from the supermarket.
  3. Wow doesn't it look posh, bet it was glorious in it's day. Thanks for sharing these.
  4. Have you looked much further back at the pictures on some of the posts, maybe they will jog your memory and you will perhaps be able to tell us which buildings are which.
  5. Looking at these maps and seeing the places that are still there on the map and the places that have yet to be built I would say they were about the mid to early 50s.
  6. Maybe to hold the leg end down while carving a leg of lamb.?
  7. Did Thomas Cook have a shop on this corner too or as I've read a travel company called Dean and Dawson in the early 1900s. I've search the Kellys directories and the stamp shop comes up at that address in latter years but no travel company.
  8. Does anyone remember the café on Langsett road called the Brick Rabbit? I just can't recall which corner it was on Maybe Bamford street.
  9. Yes you're right Neddy. We use to go for a penneth of broken biscuits to Weeds shop until we found mice poo in the bag. Our mother use to say he'd swept them up off the floor, he had a daughter called Kathleen. As for the Don pub, most of our dads went in there.
  10. I agree, it's brought the story forward to a generation who didn't know anything about it and it's also reconnected us to some of our American friends who are relatives of the late pilots. Maybe the story is not correct detail by detail but what story of the past is?
  11. I'm following this through with great interest because myself and my ancestors grew up in this area and I had also had family members in the workhouse but now I'm a bit thrown off course , is the Green Man something to do with your ancestors?
  12. Yes the tree growing out from the rubble, looking at the size of the tree it must be quite a long time since it burnt down. I use to love it there , tasty food at prices we could afford. Does anyone know who owned it at the time?
  13. Has anyone been on Sheffield Forum recently? They were closed down on Sunday for a new update and surprise surprise it looks very much like our Sheffield History Forum but with different colouring. It is now easier on the eye but still has it's many trolls.