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  1. I loved Caramac but I tasted some of my grandson's last year and it was horrible, not made like I remember it. They still do Munchies I think, well I've seen Munchies Easter eggs but what about Toffos do they still do them, I love them. I remember Archie Andrews ice lollies they seemed creamy but not exactly ice cream.
  2. ukelele lady

    The old civic restaurant

    There were also another larger civic restaurant at the side of the City Hall which is now a car park. I don't remember this one but it was demolished a long time ago.
  3. ukelele lady

    Gravestones used as pavements

    I didn't mean for the headstones to be semi upright as you suggest but to be layed flat just as they are today , so that it wouldn't be a falling hazard but put at the side of the Cathedral wall where no one would be walking on them but of course this will never be done.
  4. ukelele lady

    Good Old Jumble Sales

    I used to love jumble sales too. I remember giving stuff to my children's school for the jumble sale and the teachers use to pick over it first but the did ask me if I minded and that they would put a donation in the box. After that we would take our kids to the jumble sale on the given date and when my two girls saw some of their toys they always wanted to buy them back again after donating them.
  5. ukelele lady

    Gravestones used as pavements

    I think it's shameful too, one of my ancestors family stone is still outside the Cathedral where everyone walks across each day. The whole family including young children are or was in that grave. A few years ago when there were some protest going on and the protesters were camping in the grounds of the Cathedral you could see them throwing out the dregs of their drinks over the stones and putting their fags ends out on the stones. If all the bodies have been moved from the Cathedral church yard as suggested then why didn't they relay the grave stones right up to the Cathedral wall where they wouldn't get damaged as much.
  6. Has anyone noticed the old civic restaurant on West Street has been demolished? You could get a cheap meal in there in the late 1940s and early 50s although I've never been in the place myself I know one or two elderly people who use to go there. Has anyone else got memories of this building? I believe it was also the Youth Employment Bureau at some stage.
  7. ukelele lady

    Unable to log in

    Hallelujah , I'm back.
  8. ukelele lady

    Hand-me-Downs & Cut and Make New

    I did this with my own children in the past and I still do it today. If I have gone off a dress or coat out comes the sewing box and scissors and I change the garment into something else. I've just made a shoulder bag out of a pair of beige suede trousers that had an irremovable mark on them, it's not that I need to do things like this as in the past but I enjoy turning old fashion stuff into something more modern . Waste not want not.
  9. ukelele lady

    Shock Horror I am not on Facebook

    I'll go along with that. I'm another one of the sensible people who haven't got the time or interest in Facebook , Twitter or Tweets. Why tell everyone about your whole lifes happenings, it should be private and why would they think people want to know anyway.
  10. The ones we used to buy were called Little Imps in a little box with black and red writing on.
  11. ukelele lady

    Hyde park/park hill flats.

    I think you may be thinking of the flats they built on Bramhall Street. They were all built around the same time in the 60s and all looked very much the same but the Bramhall Street flats were built with large concrete slabs and on one unfortunate day one of the slabs collapsed causing a domino effect which crushed many workers. Not much has been said over the years about this in fact not many people actually remember the flats. I had a friend who moved into hers when they were completed but I wouldn't have felt safe in one. I can't remember what year they were demolished but I know they didn't last long. Maybe someone else remembers this or even lived in them themselves.
  12. ukelele lady

    The Cavendish Nightclub on Bank Street Sheffield

    Didn't the streets look clean and tidy then? And oh those cars look great.
  13. ukelele lady

    whit sunday customs in Sheffield

    Yes it was the only time we had new clothes, once a year. Most of us went to Banners or Blanchards with Provident cheques, in other words paying for them weekly. I remember my new pink dress from Blanchards and a new pair of red shoes from Langtons then a long march behind the band to Weston Park where most of the bands finished their journey by then my feet were full of bleeding blisters from the new shoes. But we still had fun spending our Whitsun money on ice-creams.
  14. ukelele lady

    The old egg-box town hall extension

    Looking back on it now , it doesn't look that bad compared to the other buildings that are shooting up. I think it looks better than the cheese grater.
  15. ukelele lady

    Liberty Bodice

    I remember them with their little rubber buttons, I suppose it was just like wearing a vest because we never had both it was either one or the other.