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  1. ukelele lady

    The Weston Cinema

    Hi tim99 I will send you a PM later.
  2. ukelele lady

    Chuck Ranch

    Yes the tree growing out from the rubble, looking at the size of the tree it must be quite a long time since it burnt down. I use to love it there , tasty food at prices we could afford. Does anyone know who owned it at the time?
  3. ukelele lady

    Default Font Size.

    Has anyone been on Sheffield Forum recently? They were closed down on Sunday for a new update and surprise surprise it looks very much like our Sheffield History Forum but with different colouring. It is now easier on the eye but still has it's many trolls.
  4. ukelele lady

    Mystery Location Postcard on Ebay.

    http://www.picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;s13596&pos=10&action=zoom&id=16459 I am not convinced the post card is of Whitehouse Lane or Wood Street as you say there were houses with the built up fronts and three stories in other surrounding streets. I'm trying to think back when we used to play along those streets. I think there were some houses like this on Cleveland Street or maybe Woollen Street. There definitely were a few on parts of Mushroom Lane but the picture on the post card looks a bit too clean for Mushroom Lane [ see above picturesheffield ]
  5. ukelele lady

    Bloucher Inn

    It's sad when we have to visit other sites for our pub information when it is all on here under the A to Z of pubs but sadly it doesn't work anymore.
  6. ukelele lady

    Date-Stones on Sheffield Buildings

    Thanks Steve I thought it might have been done as it is in the town centre but I couldn't move the pages up, waiting forever " uploading " but it's nice to bring the topic back to the fore again.
  7. ukelele lady

    Date-Stones on Sheffield Buildings

    I don't know if this one has already been included but I can't seem to see it on the original list although the loading system on here won't let me get to the last updated page as it keeps telling me it's loading . . . . . . . . .anyway this is on the corner of Fargate and Leopold Street , I'm sure viewers will remember what it use to be.
  8. ukelele lady

    Can you do this?? Mobile phone users a challenge!!

    Wow I thought I did well as my PAYG of £10 would last me about 2 months. I don't do facebook , twitter and such likes as my phone doesn't have any aps on it, it's just a cheap [ £15 ] Nokia phone that I have had for the last 17 years. It's very rare I make a phone call but my family know where to get me it I'm not at home. I do do a bit of texting though but as for phoning I use my land line as they are all free calls with Sky broadband.
  9. ukelele lady

    New inn public house brightside lane

    I have looked on Google Street View at Fell Street but it now seems to be all new buildings and new roads there doesn't seem to be any old buildings left.
  10. ukelele lady

    New inn public house brightside lane

    Have you looked on our A to Z of pubs, you will find it there under N to S page 2. 378 Brightside Lane opened in 1858 and closed in 1937 also naming landlords.
  11. ukelele lady

    Early Days Of Crystal Peaks

    I think Crystal Peaks is much better than Meadowhall but the downfall is there is not enough parking space.
  12. ukelele lady

    Nichols Shalesmoor

    I've just had a look around Nichols Antique rooms on Shalesmoor, I must say there is a lot of interesting stuff in there amongst the junk of course. What I did notice were some leather bound books of old news sheets, the Sheffield Telegraph and the Sheffield Star with dates going back to the early 1900s. Ok they are not in immaculate condition as the leather bound is rotting and the pages are yellow but there is lots of interesting reading in there. I know the bigger ones the Telegraph are selling at £50 but I never found out about the Sheffield Star ones. Maybe the Telegraph and Star have mucked them out now everything is on the computer. I did find the Star edition that was the year I was born and also the years through the second world war with plenty of news and pictures of bombed Sheffield.
  13. You can find much information about the Howard Street Congregational /Independent Chapel in the Sheffield Archives on Shoreham Street . I was looking for an ancestor who was a preacher there and found much information other than the usual baptisms, marriages and burials, some have the minutes of there meetings which I took a copy of as they are on film rather than fiche. Film A136 /.SY 344/K1/1 Howard Street 2757.
  14. ukelele lady

    How are you coping with the Sun?

    Sounds like a good idea , I'll try that. I have a fan running but i's not that silent so it's hard to sleep through it.
  15. ukelele lady


    Yes you're right Waterside Echo it is the long stand and not the long wait but it was the long wait they had when they requested it, I've got to admit I fell for this one in my first job. I suppose they can't do this on youngsters anymore or they would be up in in front of the beak. But of course these weren't old sayings , I suppose they were just old tricks to play on the novices.