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  1. Beagling

    @rover1949 Can't be sure what colour coat, seem to think he had red and green coats. The Boxing Day meet was definitely at Wentworth, I do remember a calendar of meets was released every year so Ecclesfield would definitely be on it.
  2. Beagling

    Give me a couple of weeks I'm away from home until 5th December.
  3. Beagling

    My grandfather was master of the Ecclesfield Beagles. The Boxing day meet if I remember was always held at Wentworth. The Rockingham Arms was the meeting place. I've got some old photos if anyone is interested.
  4. Sheffield history site in Canada

    I live in Victoria and once ran into a Blades fan. I supped up and left.
  5. Sheffield history site in Canada

    Is he a Blades fan running a landscaping company ?
  6. I worked at Bassets for a short summer stint. Never ate one since.
  7. Joe Cocker

    Can't find how much it sold for. Was on at $7 million then dropped to $5.75 but no record of what it got at auction.
  8. Bazookka Joe gum Penny Arrow bars Fry's chocolate mint bar