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  1. SimonAitch

    Church Street, Ecclesfield - what do you remember?

    I remember mid to late 60's there used to be a bakery on the right. Used to get a penny bag of buns on the way to the Friday club at Gatty hall.
  2. SimonAitch


    This photo has a note attached: Jan 22 Hounds meet at Scarborough The Derwent hounds met at the residence of the amateur huntsman of the pack Mr Arthur Webster, Moor House, Stepney Road. This meeting in glorious weather and a big field. It is a rare event for the pack to meet in town and there was the usual big attendance. The pack came right onto the lawn in front of the house and here is the picture showing them with Kennel Huntsman Fitzpatrick (left), Mr Arthur Webster amateur huntsman and the Master Mr EL Styring. With some of the company behind
  3. SimonAitch


    Top photo Abney (?) Moor 1932
  4. SimonAitch


    Scrimmaging thru a few old files and I found the originals plus some more,will scan and add to post later. Yes it is Lord Halifax and Hickleton Hall. The 3rd photo from above is Whitley Hall. The second photo from above was taken by: JT Walters, Press and Commercial Photographer 66 Harlington Road Mexborough His/Her telephone number was " Mexboro 28"
  5. SimonAitch

    Black Swan, Mucky Duck or The Boardwalk??

    In my era it was both Black Swan and the nickname Mucky Duck
  6. SimonAitch

    Hendersons Relish

    Surprisingly, Its available in Sidney, British Columbia, Canada.
  7. SimonAitch


    @rover1949 Can't be sure what colour coat, seem to think he had red and green coats. The Boxing Day meet was definitely at Wentworth, I do remember a calendar of meets was released every year so Ecclesfield would definitely be on it.
  8. SimonAitch


    Give me a couple of weeks I'm away from home until 5th December.
  9. SimonAitch


    My grandfather was master of the Ecclesfield Beagles. The Boxing day meet if I remember was always held at Wentworth. The Rockingham Arms was the meeting place. I've got some old photos if anyone is interested.
  10. SimonAitch

    Sheffield history site in Canada

    I live in Victoria and once ran into a Blades fan. I supped up and left.
  11. SimonAitch

    Sheffield history site in Canada

    Is he a Blades fan running a landscaping company ?
  12. I worked at Bassets for a short summer stint. Never ate one since.
  13. SimonAitch

    Joe Cocker

    Can't find how much it sold for. Was on at $7 million then dropped to $5.75 but no record of what it got at auction.
  14. Bazookka Joe gum Penny Arrow bars Fry's chocolate mint bar