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  1. We had one in our pantry on the Flower Estate too. It was just known as the cold shelf
  2. Butler's Cafe

    I think there was a fire and it had to be demolished. There is a Butlers Balti further down the road now ? near to Garden Street
  3. black jacks and cinder toffee.
  4. http://www.oldheeley.org/ Heeley past history
  5. Sheffield Fun-Fairs

    I recall that fair too in the 1950s and early 60s- I think it was Lings.
  6. Favourite Sheffield meal?

    My dad did a poor man's version of that - no marmite And Steve - I still sometimes do extra veg and potatoes for a bubble & squeak on Monday.
  7. Sheffield history fair

    They take a lot of organizing by volunteers and it is normally biannual anyway.
  8. Sheffield history fair

    No history fair this year but there is an event here that may be of interest Sat and Sun - http://www.museums-sheffield.org.uk/whats-on/events/2017/9/sheffield-heritage-fair2
  9. Shock Horror I am not on Facebook

    I think life is too short for facebook or twitter so I do neither. I do have mobile but never use it and only my very close family have my number. The day I ring them they know it will be an emergency. I just make an occasional call to my landline to keep it active.
  10. Just bringing back to the top again as a reminder
  11. Local history exhibition at Grenoside Community Centre on July 1st and 2nd highlighting important local buildings past and present; the lives of notable local people and Grenoside’s industrial past. Refreshments will be available. Open 10am-4pm At the Grenoside Community Centre Lower Hall, Main St, Grenoside. Admission free
  12. http://picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;s04955&pos=12&action=zoom&id=8398 Try picture sheffield
  13. There were a couple of local history books published a few years ago by the history society in the area. Try the local library. http://www.astonhistorygroup.co.uk/about.htm http://www.j31.co.uk/jons_ramblings.htm http://www.aston-cum-aughton-pc.gov.uk/aston-cum-aughton/history-14915.aspx
  14. Gell Street

    Thanks Steve. Lyn
  15. Gell Street

    Could anyone tell me if this building still stands please - http://picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?action=zoomWindow&keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;s06459&prevUrl= The Servants Home and Housewifery School Thank you Lyn