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  1. as it was - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Sheffield-a-photographic-postcard-of-Firth-Park/352225021557?hash=item52023f4e75:g:gskAAOSwZtlaIu9c with the now demolished St Hilda's church up on the hill and the now demolished old park buildings .
  2. Lyn 1

    How are you coping with the Sun?

    Fill a hot water bottle with cold water and keep it in the fridge to take to bed with you at night. Also a plant spray filled with icy cold water - spray the room & bed before you go to bed.
  3. Lyn 1

    Page Hall Mission school

    Thanks Edmund.
  4. Lyn 1

    Page Hall Mission school

    It was mentioned in the minutes of tthe Guardians of the Sheffield Union. Thye were no longer going to send children to the school there. I've attempted to look on maps for it with no joy but have a vague idea of something else on this forum some time ago about something similar with the entrance possibly being on Rushby St. The building is no longer there but has been replaced with a modern building that I believe sells Asian clothes. Where did you get your info from Edmund?
  5. c 1902 - some records I was looking at mentioned Page Hall Mission school. Any ideas of where it was and when it finished? Thanks
  6. Lyn 1

    Sheffield history fair

    all day - I was on the Sheffields hospitals table. Still recovering...............
  7. my mum and her sisters attended church here. 1920s - Was there a school attached too as I know they went to a Catholic school in the area? They lived on Newhall Rd?
  8. Lyn 1

    Sheffield history fair

    I posted it on this site June 1st
  9. Lyn 1


    mimimawking - my mum and her sisters did it all the time. I think it was because they worked in Batchelors canning factory so it was form of lip reading and facial expressions. It was usually done behind other family member's back - especially my dad's
  10. Sheffield Family History Fair 2018 entry £2 9 June at 10:00 am Hillsborough Stadium, Sheffield, S6 1SW
  11. Lyn 1

    Who remembers the POP Man?

    50s - 80s I would say.
  12. Bradleys came to mind as soon as I read 'B'
  13. Barnetts High St 1960s, ladies costumiers - only sold coats and suits. Just above Aldine court. They also had a shop below C&A called Barnett Huttons who sold dresses too. Richards across the road from them near to Boots
  14. Have you tried looking on http://www.sheffieldsoldierww1.co.uk/Home.html a brilliant site for WW1?