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  1. Thanks for posting this, I've been aware myself of some of the 'differences' in Tony's memory of the event and of those who feel their noses have been put out of joint through all this. It's useful to have them brought together. I'm not a supporter of an honour from the Queen either and I suspect there will be the expected outcry when he doesn't, but the reasons you catalogue will be the reasons the Palace, or whoever, decide not to include him I suspect. I too enjoyed the fly past, who doesn't, and it was a great day for Sheffield. I'm concerned however that it had more to do with 'great' telly than anything else, along with BBC Breakfasts battle with ITVs alternative. There's no hiding the one-upmanship between Dan and Piers. A journalist bumps into an old man tending to a memorial with a great personal back story and bingo !!! No need to check it out. At some point people will start to get fed up with all this and the one to suffer will be Tony. It's what society likes to do for some reason - build someone up then knock them down? And where will the BBC be. You say in your report that Tony hasn't benefitted from any of this - well in many ways he has, it's quite painful to see some organisations fall over backwards to be seen to support him on the back of the BBC publicity - free pleasure flight, Upgrades to 1st class, Stars etc.... And I now hear that he's telling everyone the memorial is 'HIS' ???? and that he's upsetting certain members of the military by planting yellow flowers around it - I know I didn't think that was a problem myself until it was pointed out it's a symbol of cowardice in such circles. And please don't start me on that flag pole... the entrance to Butlins springs to mind.
  2. Thanks, there is also the old cinema in the distance up Ecclesall Rd (just to the right of Davy's)
  3. Yes it was Worcester Rd. Sandygate Garage was next door to the Plough on Sandygate Rd near Crosspool - Now also gone.
  4. It was ther in '68. We think it was demolished mid to late '70s.
  5. I can remember this petrol station on Worcester Road (Lodge Moor) when I was a lad. The owner was called Gordon but never knew his surname - always covered in oil. I'm guessing it was built about the same time as the Shops around the corner and it must have closed and been knocked down late 70s. There's a picture on picture sheffield which takes me back. Does anyone have any more details about it?
  6. Can anyone tell me where this plaque is located. I suspect it's near the City Hall. Thanks
  7. I know the Albert Hall is now John Lewis (or site of) But where was the Circus building?
  8. It's where we were sent to learn to swim from school, although most of us had learnt by then. We used to end up 'playing' in the diving area and daring each other to dive of ever higher boards until we got to the top concrete plinth. Very scary on that top board, and I did once jump feet first but only the once!!!. I remember one friend being coaxed into diving head first. It took nearly the entire session for him to get up the nerve and with several girls getting in on the act he eventually went for it. It was a pretty good dive from memory and we were all in awe as he hit the water pretty straight. He eventually surfaced at the far left just about the same time as his trunks surfaced just about where he entered the water. Absolute uproar and we got severely disciplined by the pool staff and teachers - but still one of the funniest things I can remember - one of those hard to breathe situations.
  9. Interesting, but looks like a US based blog. Far more useful, thanks. Shall keep a note of that link. I've discovered it was taken in October 1997 and looks like the company who took the image (infoterra-global) either went out of business or was taken over by a company called Astrium Geo, who are more interested in satellite images these days. I've made contact with them to ask what they know about the image I have, and of any others taken on the same flight. So looking more hopeful.
  10. It's an aerial photograph with no date, but guessing about 1980s or 90s. As it covers the area we 'operate' in the idea is to reproduce it and sell it to raise funds during an event next year.
  11. Hi folks, I'm trying to find out how to get permision to use a photograph which has a copyright notice printed on it. It's a photograph that is in the possesion of a group I help with but apparently searches for the name printed have proved fruitless. I still have a few avenues to explore, however my question is, at what point can you just go ahead and use the image if all attempts to find the owner have failed? Is there somewhere you can register the fact you have made reasonable efforts etc..