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  1. Yes what a bargain, but.... I have no idea how much it must have cost to ship from Berlin to the Nunnery Depot.
  2. Its not about the Supertram being safer than an older generation tram, its about being able to comply to current relevent regulations in order to gain a licence to operate a tram as a passenger service vehicle. The Berlin tram or Adolf was never intended to be a passenger service vehicle only carrying staff, tools and materials, looking back now I'm not sure just to carry out these tasks he would have complied to relevent regulations and hence the project being scrapped.
  3. Yes you're correct I'd forgotten his name as its been quite few years ago, what I meant the project name was known as the Berlin Tram, for paperwork sake we couldn't call him Adolf. Thanks for the attaching the picture thats great as I was 100% sure I remember the tram was sat on actual Supertram tracks at Nunnery depot, this clearly shows its possible for an older generation of tram to fit on the tracks. I thought Adolf may have been tram 3006 at Crich but when looking at your picture he looks smaller than 3006, but I do seem to recall he was donated to Crich rather than for scrap. In your picture you can see a Supertram behind Adolf in Stagecoach colours so I imagine at this time Adolf was awaiting his fate and the project cancelled.
  4. In the late 90's I worked on the signalling for the Supertram Network. South Yorkshire Supertram as it was then known purchased an old single deck tram for £1 from Berlin and had it shipped over to Sheffield, it was known by staff as the Berlin Tram and resided on the tracks within the Nunnery Depot. The idea was to use the tram as a maintenance car to travel up and down the tram network like the old Sheffield maintenance trams. The main problem was the tram required a VIS transponder unit fitting in order to operate the signals and identify the tram along the network. To install a system from Siemens as fitted to all Supertrams was an extortionate cost. I was involved in a project with an engineer from South Yorkshire Supertram to decode all the route code data and design / build and install our own transponder unit. We got as far as building prototype units when South Yorkshire Supertram was taken over by Stagecoach and the project was scrapped. This was very disappointing as a lot of hard work had gone into this project; the Berlin Tram was eventually donated to the Tram museum at Crich. I think it maybe Berlin 3006. So going by this project it would have been possible to run an old Sheffield Tram on the Supertram Network
  5. It's not snow on the ground for a few resons, looking at the picture there's leaves on the trees for a start not a norm for winter months and looking at the dress of the people they dont look like they're dressed in their winter woolies. Its most likely to be mud on the road as Handsworth Road or Main Road as it was called was nothing but a dirt track, see this attached picture taken further up the road.
  6. Can't say for certain but I would have a guess at these bollards being boundary markers, identifying an area owned by an idividual or organisation and their initials being HN.
  7. As well as looking at census returns you can always pop into the Local Studies section in the Central Library and look up on the Electrol Roll, this will give you all the previous occupiers of your property in question, I did this with my property starting with the last owner of whom I knew and managed to get back to the 1920's then back to 1880's using the census returns.
  8. Come across this early Leyland National Bendy Bus
  9. Were they related to Ernest and Herbert Oliver who owned and lived in nearby Bramley Hall at Handsworth and who also built the Bramley estate in Handsworth ?
  10. The building that was Kam House is now the Wicker Pharmacy, but Kam House complete with its sign has now moved behind onto Stanley Street of which I think belongs to Kam Leisurewear Ltd, Kam House Stanley Street Sheffield S3 8HH, quality jeans and leisurewear for men and women. Kam Leisurewear but their website not fully working as its been worked upon Had 1950ish style painted people on the front wearing the styles of that day until recently but in a bad way with paint flaking off.
  11. I'm sure these maps were produced by the Ordnance Survey they are similar to the ones you get attached to title deeds from the Land Registry
  12. Found this taken at Handsworth Tram terminus at Retford Road / Orgreave Lane junction, photographed by M.J. O'Connor but sadly no date given would this be one of those extra trams from other cities or indeed the green tram in question, the colour scheme looks somewhat different to normal Sheffield colours to me.
  13. They were interesting to watch on Friday when Meadowhall Road was flooded underneath the railway bridge, you could see the stranded cars being towed out by a green Landrover and people wading in and out the water.
  14. Heres a picture of No 330 at the bottom of Main Road at the junction with Prince of Wales Road and Greenland Road Photographed by R.B Parr 28th March 1956
  15. he he that Ford Anglia has decided it didn't want to go for a swim ;-)