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  1. Hello Andy, how are you?


  2. Hi All On another visit back to Sheffield for the week,next week. Will be down Attercliffe to take some B&W pictures and the surounding areas tinsley canal and the canal basin.Hopefully a full walk along to see what is left of the original steelworks and more. If anybody fancies a meet up to join in,also would be a stop in the Courtyard cafe for lunch.Probably doing this on a couple of days to get some good shots Andy M
  3. Hi All Been a while since i have posted, the world kinda took me away form my site and sheffield for a bit.. Wondering if anybody out there have old pictures of where they lived in Attercliffe and would like to put them on a new page i will be adding to my website. ?? To include a description and breif history of the photo or photos too. What you think ??
  4. Hi Stuart0742 Was just putting the link on,you bet me to it.Gave Sheffield History a couple of plugs. Hope the cheques in the post . Hopefully will lead on to more.Rony is quite the character Andy M
  5. HEE HEE OOOOOPS thought that went un-noticed Was a good interview nobody turned up at Costa though Thanks for listening though,great to be famous Andy M
  6. No Worries mate . will do , should be fun Cheers Andy M
  7. Hi All I will be appearing on Rony Robinsons show on BBC Radio Sheffield on Wed 11th March between 2 and 3pm. In the studio this time. Should be fun,do know how long its for.Spose it depends if i,m boring or not After since i will be in Sheffield town centre.I,m thinking of Going to the Costa Coffee shop above Waterstones in Orchard Square.Give me a chance to browse through the local books again. If anyone would like to stop and say hello i will be there from around 3.30 onwards in the corner with my flat cap probably. Let me know if you would like to. Best wishes Andy M A "Cliffe Kid"
  8. Hi TexxUK Thank you for your reply mate please feel free to upload if you have any pictures and forward the site on to friends Best wishes Andy M
  9. Hi All Happy 2009 I have created a group on the photo site flickr for photos old and new of Attercliffe and the surrounding areas.Please take a look and please add your own too to share if you would like too. http://flickr.com/groups/attercliffe_scenes_and_life/ Many Thanks Andy M
  10. Hi All Best wishes for 2009 everyone. Lets hope its a good one despite the credit crunch and the rest of the rubbish going off today.Least our good memories stay alive Best Wishes All Andy M A "Cliffe Kid"
  11. Hi All Just wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all on the Sheffield History Forum. Hope its a good one,see you in the New Year A "Cliffe Kid"
  12. Hi Well Merry Christmas everyone. Been a long time since i recorded some "Cliffe kid" Videos bit finally got around to it. Uploaded last night please take a look at my Christmas Specials of my Christmas in Atterclifffe in the 70,s http://uk.youtube.com/user/70sheffieldlad And theres more to follow in the coming weeks Hope they bring a smile Best wishes Andy M " A Cliffe Kid"
  13. Hi There I had a commodore 64 i got bought later.And a bike from Allens cycles made up of all different parts and sprayed in their blue colour,but didn,t care cos it was my first racer.Your right about Christmas it seemed to lat forever,and every day great.. WANNA GO BACK IN TIME Andy m
  14. Hi All EEEH nearly christmas already.Yippeeee Just finished a night shift,and while i was working hard(as you do).I was thinking of the presents i got for Christmas as a kid.And thought it would make a good festive topic soooo !! A, What was your best toy you ever got as a kid and why ?? B, What did you ask for - and what did you get instead ?? So to start the ball rolling.. My best toy was a big plastic meccano set that was as big as me.I spent hours making cars.And a special chair for my teddy to sit on.(and no i wasn,t in my twenties then either ) And i always wanted an action man like the other kids had.Like eagle eyes.But ended up gettin the (very) cheaper variety that was about an inch bigger than the originals so he couldn,t fit in the vehicles and his arms and wrists didn,t bend (lifes so cruel) Please share yours Look forward to hearing them Andy M "A Cliffe Kid"
  15. Hi There sorry its been a long time Just wrote a piece for the BBC website please follow the link.Also take a look at my site too http://www.bbc.co.uk/southyorkshire/conten...t_feature.shtml Thank you and best wishes Andy M