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  1. yep, i remember it Neil. It was like a discount card that let you into sports venues like Sheaf Valley Baths for a nominal charge (10p at Sheaf Valley IIRC). Got mine in 1986 from the Council Office next to Laura Ashley's in the Peace Gardens. They stuck your passport sized photograph to the front of the card, the lady behind the counter filled in all your details on the card and then laminated it. photo below of said Council Office http://www.picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;s24332&pos=2&action=zoom
  2. havent been on SH for ages with being so busy on the FB Group so only just seen this. Auntie Suzy might have seen it on here but she isnt on facebook. I dont envy anyone trying to edit the video with the messages of thanks and links i have put in it!!!
  3. If anyone wants a hard copy of the minecraft saved file just let me know
  4. one day i might tackle the other two schools one day
  5. Cheers Dave. Have you noticed how i avoided going into the classrooms that are strange shaped?. Did you also notice the acknowledgement of yours and SteveHB's help at the end of the vid?
  6. heres the finished article!!................... >
  7. nearly finished my project, only got to finish the Annexe and do the Tennis Courts and it will be ready for videoing
  8. just having a look on Sheffield Forum this morning and Dave, I am sorry to say that Norfolk was not the only School to have Man and Lass!. See post number #82 on this link http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=83577&page=4
  9. just noticed this pic from the official opening booklet. makes my job a lot easier! (see bottom pic) didnt realise both corridors either side of quad where ever open plan?
  10. this is the part of the school i will be struggling on as i hardly ever ventured in these classrooms, only passed them on the way to lessons so on the finished article the layout may look strange. as for the annexe, this explains why i thought there may be 3 because the one behind the tower block was so small. again, may have to be guesswork with the classrooms but i think you may be correct dave, the bigger one may have had 4, even 5 classrooms.
  11. having a little memory problem dave. not sure about the layout of the top corner of the school (junction of cradock and brimmesfield) where the library was, goes?. was it two square blocks with a very small corridor between? also, i cant believe i cant remember this.....how many annexe building where there?, im sure it was 3
  12. been busy at work the last couple of weeks but heres an update. its getting very difficult now with the angle. the staircase leading out into the yard was an absolute nightmare. Another few months and it should be complete!
  13. heres a grid shot of the school so far