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  1. My family lived at 3 ct 2 Arley Street from 1901. In 1890 the name of the street was changed from Cross George Street to Arley Street. In the Local History Library in the Sheffield Central Libray they have a very detailed map of the streets, houses, pubs, works and court yards. They will do you copies of the area of this large map that you are interested in. The map is very interesting as it shows you how the courts were positioned between the streets and the numbering of the houses. hello PopT - that's helpful thanks very much. Ive actually found the cutting and it was from 1909! Your family were obviously neighbours of mine as they lived at no 5 and I think probably 9 as well! I will ask about the maps the next time I am the the LHL. cheers, Gill
  2. There are no HAGUEs listed for Port Mahon. The only George HAGUE was a mason living at Hill Foot. Only other person in the household, 1 female. What was Samuel's age on his marriage certificate? Hi Hugh thanks for this. Samuel was 21 when he got married (10/04/1834) his residence was given a Portmahon, father's name George a servant. This is a mystery - I think i may have found his father, George (presuming Hague) in the 1841 census living at Crooks moor but no wife and no samuel but the dates could fit and he was a servant. So far I cant find a baptism or death and probably not a marriage either, although Ive found a George Hague married Martha Pinder in 1833 in dronfield - could possibly be a link as there is an Elvina Pinder Hague and presumably a Pinder there somewhere and I suspect that there might have been a marriage of cousins somewhere in there. Im hoping to get a bit more info from Samuel's service record from the Y & L to shed some light! Thanks for any thoughts, Gill ps are you the Hugh W who is doing the Knapton one name study? I have knaptons in my tree (Sophia Hague m George knapton, son Herbert who was killed in WW1 - this Sophia was daughter of the Samuel above and his wife Sophia).
  3. A useful contact for anyone searching for information about Yorks & Lancaster regiment (found through information received here, thanks everyone!) is that the Regimental museum in Rotherham have a contact email for information about records etc - karl.noble@rotherham.gov.uk - there is a 6 to 12 week wait as enquiries are dealt with in order of receipt. Hope that's useful to someone else, Gill PS Bayleaf - when I said "that's a positive negative as I know the story isnt true!" - I meant to say that at least Now I know its not true - and my mum hadnt heard this story either so probably a case of chinese (family) whispers!!
  4. Hi Richard - any chance that you can point me at this 1831 census please - Ive had a good search around the site but I havent been able to find it. Thanks a lot, Gill
  5. Gill the information was from the following, This published in 1993 possibly by the City Libraries its ISBN no is 09519351 1 9 - I bought it in Hartley Seed's Bookshop - I can't even remember where that was - West Street ?. I doubt it went to a second edition! I'm sure a copy would be in the Local Study Library in the Cental Library. Thanks very much again Dunsbyowl - you've been so helpful and its much appreciated, (as is everyone's help) Gill
  6. Hi Dean, thank you so much for asking about this, very much appreciated! My mum remembers the picture which she says must have been a painting, it was quite large and of him in uniform with a hat that she describes as being like an officers cap. If you do spot do please take a pic and post it. Thanks so much to everyone who has responded to my post - its all really appreciated - i will be visiting the Rotherham museum to see what I can find. Any more thoughts and ideas will be appreciated too. Just to say I think this site is great - I couldnt imagine there being so many kind responses. thanks again, I will let you all know how i get on. Gill
  7. hi Hugh - that's very helpful thanks muchly - Ive emailed them already. Gill
  8. Hi RichardB - thanks for replying. I do have quite a bit of info from the census etc but its particularly about his military record that I'd love to hear about and the painting that I only found out about today! He was married to Mary Ann (Kinder) and lived in the Ecclesall Bierlow area and had a son also called Samuel - happy to post more if anyone is interested but need to go to bed now!! Gill