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  1. Hi This is George Henry Strong the Pub Landlord of Malin Bridge Inn on Holme Lane.
  2. Hi I've just come across this post and it brought back many memories.I lived in the yard above so knew your Nan well.Alan Philpotts who lived at the top of Harold St took many photos of Harold St just prior to demolition .A lot of these were uploaded onto a site called Walkley Wars Walkley Ways.
  3. Bentley Rd junction of Tinker Lane and Bolehill Rd
  4. Hi Does any one know what this pub was called before Galdstones.It was on St James rd and has had several names.Its currently called The Church House[Good beer and prices!!]was called The Priory and Trouser and Ferret and Gladstones but what before?
  5. Hello Thought you might be interested in this photo of my Gt Uncle Charles Henry Strickland and wife Kitty outside The Howard Hotel .As you rightly stated he managed this pub until his death.As a young girl I visited them during the daytime [restricted licensing laws then] and remember the extension at the side virtually hung over the playground of St Josephs School. Just a length of railings stopping anyone from a very long drop! Realmont
  6. Hello Could be .Do you know where abouts this was.It wasn't The Fulton as Vox suggested this was at the bottom of Fulton Rd Thank you Realmont
  7. Hello No itwasn't The Royal,thats still there I believe.The one I'm thinking of was past the old Upperthorpe School and just past Bransby St.It was next door to a corner shop at the top of Blake St with the Blake Hotel on the opposite side. Thank you for taking the time to reply Realmont
  8. Hello Does anyone know the name of the Pub in Walkley on Daniel Hill St/Walkley St.It was opposite the Blake Hotel across Blake St on the same side' Thank you Realmont
  9. Hi My Dad was a Lamplighter and he used to take me with him on his "round" when the weather was fine. The job was split shifts, with morning involving replacing the gas mantles as they burned out, winding and setting the clock then finishing by cleaning the glass. He had the ladders on one shoulder a haversack on the other with spare mantles clocks etc and a leather and scrim in his pockets. He finished this about lunch time then just before dark he would set off again with just the ladder walking his round to make sure all the lights were on. A tweak of the clock or a turn of the valve and all was light, the longest without light was about a hour, shades of today!