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  1. Hi there Forgotten that I had subscribed to this site and came across a posting I had made by accident which then led me to having a look through the messages on the forum. As I have a William Smith in my family it led me to your posting but sadly they are not one and the same. However from the postings above I was able to find your William on both the 1851 and 1861 census. In 1851 as the Whites Directory suggests William and Margaret were living in Sheffield. However by 1861 they had retired to Scarborough. It says on the entries that William was born in 1793 in Sheffield, however I havent yet found him on the 1841 census. Hope this helps Karen
  2. Hi there Thanks for the reply! Do you know when your rellies were there please? Also do you know if there are any photos of the pub anywhere still in exsisence? Thanks again!
  3. Sorry my error it was the Brick Makers Arms His name was Robert Guess and he died January 1929 his wife Carrie then moved to the River Don Inn on Brightside Lane and was there until her death in March 1949. After which her son Robert and his sister Ivy, who married my rellie Harold Jeffcock, until 1954/1955 when it was taken over it appears by a John W Whitham. Guess I need to look now at the Brickmakers Arms on the electoral registers to see how long the Guess family were there for!
  4. Hi there I am looking for information on a public house called the Bricklayers Arms which was on Newhall Road when my rellie died in 1929. By 1934 his wife was then at the River Don Inn on Brightside Lane and remainded there for a number of years. I'd love to know more about these public houses! Thanks in advance Karen