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  1. I have some details, he was my Grandmothers nephew. I just wondered if there was anyone as I have a picture of an article in the Star about him attending Buckingham palace to receive the DSC from the king. I also have a photo and am not sure if it is him, I believe it is but cannot verify it as I cannot get the name from the number on the collar.
  2. Just been looking at some family history, is there anyone on here related to Joseph Batty born 1917 died 1985.
  3. Thanks, where did you find that I did a search but found nothing? Maybe Joseph never came back from the war.
  4. I am looking for information and pictures if anyone can help, relating to a tripe shop that was in the Wicker called Castledine and Fellows. I would imagine it is a long time ago, I have searched but cannot find anything.
  5. Does anyone know if it is possible to trace an old will from the 17th Century?