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  1. I worked as a bar/cellarman, someone who stocks up the bars during the daytime, and works behind the bar at night, back in 1970. I remember Keith Lipthorpe, one of the owners, coming down into the cellar one day and turning off the electric power to the main room above. He'd just got the electric bill! Unfortunately, Kenny Rogers and the First Edition were rehearsing on the stage above, and within five minutes the power was turned back on.
  2. This brought back memeories of my mum sending me on the tram, from Ravencarr Rd on the lower Manor estate to the Manor top, just to buy her favourite, 'Buttered Brazils' from Barnard's. I think that sweet shop was open 24/7, at least it seemed that way when I was a chabby! She also worked at a petrol station in Darnall, and my dad would heat up one of those Heinz steam puddings, put it in a cloth covered basin, and put me on a tram in the other direction this time, so that mum could have a portion before she got off her shift at night. Needless to say the longer the tram took. the less pudding my mum got!