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  1. Thread on Sheffield Indexers saying there are very very few Sheffield records, just some early Parish Church ones. Not checked myself as I use Ancestry.
  2. A pint and a group chat chat sounds like a winner to me!
  3. Eeek! You weren't reaching for an 1819 Hunter's Hallamshire for £10 on the top shelf of an old book store or such like was you?!?
  4. The internet has made historical research a commercial product, which saddens me somewhat, although the amount of information online is fantastic and couldn't be done without the commercial side to pay for it!! win/no win! I have spent thousands on books and suchlike and will happily share any info I have for free and actually enjoy doing so, so I may be interested in a get together around a table and to yack about local history on an informal basis, never been a huge fan of one person standing up and giving a talk.
  5. On the 1911 there is an Albert Friskney age 17 and sister May Friskney, 13 living with siblings and mother Elizabeth Friskney at 22 Spain Lane, Boston Lincs. In 1915 Albert married a Mary Ann Getliffe born Sheffield in 1892. War buddies perhaps? I found a service record for Albert's brother Leslie Ronald Friskney (Born Boston Lincs), who is listed as living at 54 Hawksley Avenue, Sheffield during the war at working at Hadfield's. Search continues.....
  6. Great find never seen it before, but having worked in the area of the later killings I would call it misguided.
  7. There is a Stanley Green born c1895 Rotherham, living at the Effingham Arms, who received the MM in WW1, but no next of kin listed, so dunno if that could be the chap but the birth years are not too far apart. I'll keep having a look around.
  8. My 95 y/o Nan is still pottering around now, she went from Attercliffe to her Sister's in Netheredge during the blitz because the trams and buses were not running, she said there were hundreds if not thousands of people out on the streets trying to get home.
  9. Thats FAR better!! Great stuff from the SH campaigners, well done guys.
  10. They will still be there if it what is now the Cathedral.
  11. Fantastic listening, I never knew the archives had such material.