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  1. Hi there. Although a Birmingham resident I'm more often posting on here due to my connection with the major international Cinerama site and that Sheffield had TWO Cinerama theatres; the Devonshire Street "temporary" circus-type construction, and the Gaumont in Barkers Pool which was converted to Cinerama for the cinema's 1960's redevelopment re-opening on 23 July 1969 making two cinemas in the same building (Gaumont 1 and 2). Owing to the usual length of booking for Cinerama films there are several posts on the "Longest Runs in Sheffield" thread. Here's a link however to the site which I contribute regularly to: www.cinerama.topcities.com/iszticketflyer.htm The Gaumont conversion to Cinerama, along with the then new 1960s 'purpose built' theatre in Leeds, was one of the last in the country to open. By the late seventies, not only had the source of new Cinerama films dried up completely but the Gaumont became yet another victim nationally to the fad of subdividing into yet more screens (the Gaumonts became Screens 1,2, AND 3) on 23 November 1979. Will try and look up a few more pictures of the Gaumont as it was in Cinerama days, but between the international Cinerama site and your very thorough residents of Sheffield who have posted previously new items are very hard to find.
  2. Here's a display from my "My Fair Lady" memorabilia collection. I can turn some of the pages if requested by forumers at a later date of the official brochure (top right hand corner) and make a further posting if others are interested to show how advertisements over the past four decades have tried to keep up with contemporary designs printing. I did have the soundtrack album and a pink 30" x 40" street poster at one stage (but they went with a previous sweetheart )
  3. As the location of the particular grave in question is in my local area (West Midlands and Rural counties), quite a few local history websites here items can be expected to hosting various discussions. In the meantime, the BBC religious affairs programme "Sunday" did a feature on the grave hosted by the local vicar (23 May 2010 edition) although the programme at present is off the BBC i-player. The BBC arts and entertainments correspondents representing BBC Local Radio in the area did a number of reviews of the 2003 Heath Ledger film, one such review can be found here.
  4. Thanks again, S24. In relation to Cinerama Topcities specifically I will mail you directly later in the week or as soonest I can get a reply back from America. At this moment, the proprietor could be away on what the Americans call "vacation" (My first cousin is American and I get endless fun out of her by making of mirth out of American terminology......). In the meantime, here's a later example of how Cinerama brought a dazzle to British cinemagoing some 40/50 years ago which maybe younger members on the forum may not realise makes all this HD presentation nowadays sound very old-fashioned! And also a link to the aforementioned American site that puts Sheffield up there with the utmost in presentation... Link .. www.cinerama.topcities.com
  5. Many, many thanks S24. I think my profile on here mentions that Cinerama is a major route for me researching your region. I'm a lead contributor to the international Cinerama site www.cinerama.topcities.com and nearly all the UK London and birmingham ads on there are from my own collection May I ask if I can mention this posting to the proprietor of CineramaTopcities in America please; and also may we ask for a direct link to your posting? Maybe one of the Supervisors on here can explain how thats done please.
  6. Bravo and thankyou again for those adverts again, S24. I hope you get the opportunity to post lots more I have all the ads from the London newspapers 1966-1986 (close approximation) so if there are any that people would like to see please shout up! (Timing depends on the demands of my day job and that my collection is that large it has to be stored at my local University in the city centre where i call by once a week). Just one posting of mine shows my collection so far; on this thread quite recently regarding the re-release premiere in 1968 of 'Gone with the Wind". i also have my regional (Birmingham and the West Midlands) ads for the same period also. I particularly like- as in this case of Sheffield also- to see the local variants with the names of cinemas we here will sadly never see again. **Regarding Cliff Richard and the Shadows at Blackpool a few posts ago. The Britishpathe site has a lot of stuff on everything not indexed, since in some cases only the actual title gives the lead. Britishpathe newsreel number 43356 has a feature on the then new ABC Blackpool and the Cliff Richard summer show(s) Indoors too! (In at 05.23 mins approx) I also have a rare loose-leaf photo (i.e an A4 copy from a library book) of the new ABC Blackpool in its construction where on the outside of the building it says the ABC is about to become a theatre and cinema with a Cinerama screen!
  7. Regarding the choice of opening film for the 'new' ABC in 1961. Richard Todd had by then become a 'celebrity spokesperson' for the ABC Circuit attending re-opening nights here and there as various cinemas became redeveloped. Here's RT opening the revamped ABC Preston, only a year or so earlier www.britishpathe.com/record.php?id=75399. So logically therefore, "Dont Bother to Knock" was the chosen premiere presentation?
  8. "We like to laugh and have our sing-song, Just a happy crowd are we, We're all pals together, We're Minors of the ABC". Think there's another verse to it somewhere. We ran this as a topic on our Birmingham Local History History website about a year ago, complete with photos of, obviously, the Birmingham area events. The website server got changed recently, and consequently a great deal of info on there got irretrievably hibernated; but can check with others on there if there is anything remaing and let people here know if they are interested.
  9. Two a Penny was indeed a maverick release. I will try and find the London premiere run dates later this week and work out when the film would have visited the provinces. Advertisements of the day are like hen's teeth to discover though. Here's the YouTube extract: <object width="640" height="385"><param name="movie" value=" name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src=" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="640" height="385"></embed></object> Excerpts from Take Me High are on YouTube also. In a 1996 interview, which unfortunately due to scanning problems prevent a direct link on here, Cliff relates "I found I was still being offered'five years after The Young Ones" and Summer Holiday-the same kind of thing. I didn't know how to break the mould and I guess I was too young to force and issues. So I just ducked out and made less and less. i thought I'd prefer to make a good album rather than duff movies"
  10. Cliff APPEARED, with Billy Graham in his next film, a social-dramatic piece, "Two a Penny" although there doesn't seem to be a scene with both in simultaneously.
  11. Cliff, accompanied by The Shadows naturally, had one more movie musical extravaganza to come: "Finders Keepers", a United Artists release which had its opening night (no proper premiere as far as one can tell) on December 8, 1966, at the Odeon, Leicester Square, London. Well considered by many to have made the series past its sell-by date.
  12. Maybe my memory ain't that good, but wasn't 'Summer Holiday' in black and white to emphasise the grotty weather until the "bus" started its holiday tour?
  13. Here's a few more items from 'Half a Sixpence', including the "film version" of the H.G.Wells novel.
  14. S24, the answer could be "Whistle Down the Wind" which came out in (I think) February of that year. :)