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  1. Street name help please

    Don't know an "Open Bridge St", just a Bridge St. Any chance it could be a different word?
  2. Looks like cooperative to me. It would be B&C cooperative at this side of the city.
  3. East Street

    East Road is at the bottom of East Bank Road, but I can't see an East Street on my old maps. What date was this?
  4. Stubbin Lane Firth Park

    That looks like the coop in the background, so aren't they turning into Sicey Avenue?
  5. Looking towards Heeley

    Weren't they the old mill ponds, amd so would be prone to flooding? I'm not so sure about the one next to Heeley baths, just behind and below the Abbeydale cinema, though.
  6. Does anyone recognise this place?

    First guess would be Wadsley Bridge. Where Penistone Road to the left, becomes Halifax Road to the right, with Wardsend Road North behind the camera.
  7. I remember it well, it was twentyfive to three on a wet January day! I'd just parked my mk10 jaguar at the top of King Street. The Christmas lights are still up. The bus shelter must be leaking cos the woman at the front of the queue still has her brolly up. Either that or the wind's whipping up Angel Street and blowing into the shelter and spoiling her hairdo! The coal man with the Thames Trader has finished for the day. Walsh's is still Walsh's. :-)
  8. That looks Like the Manor Castle pub on Manor Lane, but with some houses that are no longer there.
  9. Old Sheffield Crosses

    And parson cross, banner cross,Sheffield cross (see wikepedia) lady's cross at holmesfield,
  10. A birds eye view of old Sheffield

    Its Moorhead immediately in front of the camera. There's the dome affair and clock on the Newton Chambers building, centre right. So that'll be Union Street leading to Norfolk street, in front of it. The other dome will be St Pauls.
  11. 120 Dam Lane Sheffield

    Dam Lane was next to Summer Street on the enumerators walk. Summer Street still exists. Put it into Google and it'll bring up a map. I suspect that Dam Lane was lost when they built Winter Street Hospital, but I could be wrong. However, Dam Lane was certainly in the Winter Street and Summer Street area.
  12. It looks like there is bomb damage, i.e. demolished buildings, on the Moor, so I'd say, just post war.
  13. Chinese Launderies

    Yes it was run by the Hong family. Their daughter May Lin Hong was at Firs Hill school in the 1950s. Her grandfather ran the chinese restaurant at Highfields.
  14. Sheffield City Centre photo challenge

    So those tower blocks in the distance were up Pitsmoor, were they?
  15. Blacksmiths at Meadowhead?

    It's where the car park of the abbey pub is now. The house in the background is in Bromwich road.