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  1. Does anyone recognise this place?

    First guess would be Wadsley Bridge. Where Penistone Road to the left, becomes Halifax Road to the right, with Wardsend Road North behind the camera.
  2. I remember it well, it was twentyfive to three on a wet January day! I'd just parked my mk10 jaguar at the top of King Street. The Christmas lights are still up. The bus shelter must be leaking cos the woman at the front of the queue still has her brolly up. Either that or the wind's whipping up Angel Street and blowing into the shelter and spoiling her hairdo! The coal man with the Thames Trader has finished for the day. Walsh's is still Walsh's. :-)
  3. That looks Like the Manor Castle pub on Manor Lane, but with some houses that are no longer there.
  4. Old Sheffield Crosses

    And parson cross, banner cross,Sheffield cross (see wikepedia) lady's cross at holmesfield,
  5. A birds eye view of old Sheffield

    Its Moorhead immediately in front of the camera. There's the dome affair and clock on the Newton Chambers building, centre right. So that'll be Union Street leading to Norfolk street, in front of it. The other dome will be St Pauls.
  6. 120 Dam Lane Sheffield

    Dam Lane was next to Summer Street on the enumerators walk. Summer Street still exists. Put it into Google and it'll bring up a map. I suspect that Dam Lane was lost when they built Winter Street Hospital, but I could be wrong. However, Dam Lane was certainly in the Winter Street and Summer Street area.
  7. It looks like there is bomb damage, i.e. demolished buildings, on the Moor, so I'd say, just post war.
  8. Chinese Launderies

    Yes it was run by the Hong family. Their daughter May Lin Hong was at Firs Hill school in the 1950s. Her grandfather ran the chinese restaurant at Highfields.
  9. Sheffield City Centre photo challenge

    So those tower blocks in the distance were up Pitsmoor, were they?
  10. Blacksmiths at Meadowhead?

    It's where the car park of the abbey pub is now. The house in the background is in Bromwich road.
  11. It looks a bit like Millhouses. The road to the right would be Hastings Road. The trees in the far distance would be Millhouses park. Its a pity there isn't more visible on the left of the shot. The Milhouses pub should be right there. The flat building would have to have been replaced by the current block containing Majestic Wines, Vets4Pets etc. I'm only half convinced! Ayfer
  12. Finding a family grave

    It's difficult to say which cemetery people would automatically be buried in. There is no real rule. It depends a lot on where they lived and if they worshiped at a particular church, or indeed if they were church worshipers at all. If there was an existing family grave that could be reopened, then they may be buried miles away from where they were living when they died. Failing that, a likely place is the nearest general cemetery to where they lived. If there were no descendants, then siblingts may have had a say in where they were buried, and of course they could have been cremated anyway. I've just checked the National Burial index and there is a Walter Morton buried at Rotherham Moorgate cemetery in 1950 aged 77 but I can't see an entry for a Florence.
  13. Ryle Road, Nether Edge

    Difficult to say to what extent it was planned. It is on the 1903 map with, what looks like, all the houses built on one side. The large house 'Moncrieffe' on the corner of Montgomery Road and Moncrieffe Road has no houses to the rear of it in 1903 ,but it does have some alongside it on Montgomery Road. I'd guess that whoever built that had bought several plots and wanted a large garden extending as far as Ryle Road. The layout of Ryle Road (and Bank Close behind it) does look a bit haphazard!
  14. Industrial Panorama

    The railway bridge in the foreground has a look of the one on Bernard Road. The angle the road goes under the railway is very similar. Obviously more railway track would have been put in later widening the bridge.
  15. Storth Hall

    I think Storth Hall was a mental hospital. The surest way to get a cause of death is to get a copy of the death certificate from the GRO.