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  1. Can anyone remember where WH SMITHS shop was located? before their present position in Fargate. Thanks Baz
  2. baz

    What Toys Did You Buy From Redgates ?

    We bought our son a pedal car,.it cost about £14, which was more than a weeks wages for me in the early 60s It was well worth it, as it lasted for years, serving another son and various other family and friends kids.
  3. baz

    Howard street shop

    Thanks for replies. Had forgotten the name. I worked with lad who was called Harrop He said the shop belonged to his Grandfather, who lived in one of the houses, over the bridge at Grindleford Station
  4. Does anyone remember the shop on Howard Street,that sold skin creams. in the 50s It had bits of skin and corns in the window,to demonsrate the the effectiveness of their products. Anyone remember the name. Think the owner lived in in Grindleford. I
  5. Any one remember the little cave on the Common.We used know it as The Hermit Cave. Always wondered if there was in truth in this. I seem to remember it was below the crags towards the road.