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  1. Hi Nathan Samuel Staniforth (cutler of Carver Street) was the brother of my great grandmother Sarah Ann (married John A Cousins) (there were 4 other brothers and 2 sisters also). Their parents were Samuel Staniforth and Prudence Stacey. Do they fit with any of the Staniforth lines you have researched so far? Unfortunately I haven't managed to identify the older Samuel Staniforth's parents but Prudence Stacey's parents were Samuel Stacey and Prudence Langthan. I research thoroughly and do not take anything at face value preferring to find more then one line of corroborating evidence, so my info. has been verified by both official records and anecdotal evidence from the family. Samuel employed his niece as housekeeper (my grandmother's sister) for a number of years until his re-marriage. He never had any direct descendants and left many bequests to institutions in Sheffield when he died in 1910. Hope this has helped Elene
  2. I'd forgotten about these gardens too. I also just remembered a chestnut seller who, I think, used to stand below Castle Street on the corner - loved the aroma of the roast chestnuts. I recognise the names of the shops but not what they sold - not very helpful I'm afraid.
  3. Thank you so much SteveHB. I have trawled through the British Newspaper Archive many a time since I found mention of the Silver Grid in relation to my G Grandfather and found nothing to tell me where it was so this is wonderful! He was indeed J A Cousins, 'phrenologist' who used to give talks and exhibitions about the subject all round Sheffield and even called himself 'Professor' Cousins. In real life he was a sewing machine maker/repairer with a stall in the Norfolk Market Hall behind which he gave personal phrenological readings to people. I have found him quite a character since starting to research the family - he seems to have mixed with a wide variety of people particularly via chapel, the Liberal party, Temperance Society, other phrenologists etc. I wish I could have met him. Thanks once again. Elene
  4. Hello all Does anyone know where the Silver Grid Cafe used to be? My great grandfather, John Cousins, used to attend meetings of a temperance society there. He lived in and around the centre of town and also had links to Burngreave and Attercliffe so I think the cafe would be relatively close to the town centre. Thank you in anticipation Elene
  5. Hi If I remember rightly the church was called Mount Pleasant. Ignore me if you already knew that! Elene