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  1. Thank both of you for your words of kindness. I should have put Daniel Hill (no Street) sorry My uncle and aunts names were Ernest Frost and Hilda Cornthwaite nee Frost. Both shops were at the bottom of Daniel Hill close to the Library and swimming baths Dad worked in the Steel Works but used to peel potatoes behind the ‘chippie’ after his long shift at work, don't remember much about this, thank goodness for older siblings. My father and grand fathers name was Alfred. I got copy of father’s birth certificate, and from the information gained from that I was then able to get a copy of my Grandfathers marriage certificate finding out from that that his father was William. My grandfather worked in the mines when my father was born and strangely my maternal grandmother was a Lindley or Linley. It’s a minefield isn’t it? :blink:
  2. I lived on Crooksmoor Road from 1949 to 1960 I am the 5th of the 7 children of Frost family. I am interested in finding out more about Upperthorpe and the Frost family. Unfortunately our parents both died before I became interested in family history, my older siblings have given me what help they can, but there is a gap in my history of the Frost's, I know that the Fish and Chip shop on Daniel Hill Street and the shop next door were run by my fathers brother and sister I know the names of their children but very little else. Any information would be useful on both topics. From a nervous first timer Marian
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