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  1. Favourite Sheffield meal?

    Sublime with loads of custard ! In the 70's I worked at the AGD in Chesterfield and in the canteen I used to have TWO bread and butter puddings for my dinner. Beautiful.
  2. Sheffield's Pinfolds.

    Pubs named "The Corner Pin" often have a sign depicting a corner skittle (pin) being knocked down. Infact the name is more likely to be because the pub is close to a Pinfold, often in the corner of a field or village.
  3. Anyone remember Sarsaparilla ?

    Jacks on Langsett Road used to interest me as a kid when we sometimes walked that way after the Wednesday game. Used to save the bus fare and walk to the station so we could buy a Green un in town. When did it close, think it was still there in the 80's
  4. The Stonehouse in Sheffield city centre

    The ceiling was painted as the nightime sky with stars wasn't it ? or was that in the 70's ?
  5. Lawrence du Garde Peach

    There are several photos of him in his 1952 book "TWENTY FIVE YEARS OF PLAY PRODUCING 1927-1952". in the 1880's his father used to take Sheffield Sunday school children to Hucklow for a weeks holiday in the summer and continued this when he moved to a Manchester church. In the first war his father went to live in Great Hucklow. He is captioned as L du G on the photos which show him acting in the plays which he produced.
  6. It certainly is an amazing visit. I was interested in the space programme at the time but can't remember this. Wonder why Abbeydale hamlet ?
  7. What a wonderful film, thanks for posting that, I've only just watched it for the first time. Fleeting glimpse of the old neon sign at Hillsborough. I started going to Hillsborough on New Years Eve 1966. Walked back to the station after the match many times to save the bus fare ! and remember all those terraced houses along and behind Penistone Road where the leisure centre is now. Later on, I went on motorbikes then, of course by car following that route past Presto tools. Brought back many memories, thanks.
  8. Great photo ! Pity the Adelphi had to go, it would be a right place of pilgrimage for Owls today! I've been on many occasions but I don't like the Crucible much. However it can't be denied that it's been an asset to Sheffield.
  9. Sinatra's nightclub Sheffield

    For a while Sinatras used to open at dinnertime and serve cracking meals at great prices. I used to have scampi and chips for £1.25.
  10. The Pump pub on the Moor, Sheffield

    Up the road to the right was a cafe called Annabelles in the early seventies. Used to go in after going to one of the earliest Virgin Stores (1973). Only went in the PUMP a couple of times, can't remember anything about it. Was where the buses park now. (I think !)
  11. The Wapentake / Casbah

    Before a concert at the City Hall we always went down the stairs to the Wapentake. Good music and a football table. Happy days.
  12. BBC Radio Sheffield - Winton Cooper and Michael Cooke

    I seem to remember Michael Cook did a sort of consumer programme (poor mans Jimmy Young!) on Radio Sheffield. Tony Capstick used to hand over to him, calling him "Cookie". Might be remembering wrongly but I think TC did a morning show at one time and Cook took over at 9. Don't know where he lived but I occasional saw him in Bill Roebucks newsagents on Oakbrook Road. Think he sadly died of motor neurone disease. Haven't checked any of this, just what I remember.
  13. The Top Rank Suite Sheffield

    I went to see the Albertos, still have the ticket. Sunday December 3rd 1978. Ticket number 885 £1.80. Police supported them, think Roxanne was just climbing the charts. Also saw Graham Parker and the Rumour in 1977 (saw them this month too at Holmfirth Picturedrome with all 6 original membes, brilliant) Also The Motors who were supported by Motorhead.
  14. Def Leppard

    Did Def Leppard ever play the wapentake? I saw a few local bands there (by accident as I used to go in there a bit) and think DL was one of them. Could easily be mistaken though!
  15. The Farfield Inn / The Owl pub in Neepsend, Sheffield

    I took a photo years ago when it was painted blue and white and called the Owl. Will post when I can find it!! It then shut down for a while and reverted to it's original name.