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  1. why post a private video
  2. tebor

    old steam railway

    various photos from all over the place brought together for easy viewing
  3. Slightly off topic i have just got hold of a vhs copy of "The Star Sheffield at War" second world war, released in 1995 it runs for 45 Min's and features various short war time film clips with a commentary.I'm going to put it back on ebay when i have had a good look.One of the clips features the Marples pub bombing, the wifes auntie Flo was one of the seven survivors she was trapped for twenty four hours before being rescued
  4. Portland Autos were the first Datsun dealer in the U.K. D.C Cook were at one time the most successful sadly it did'nt last.Another datsun dealer was Meersbrook garage who in the seventies also had a branch at Hoyland on millhouses road .
  5. I worked at meadowhead during 66-67 while there the company found themselves in financial difficulties and the name changed to Ernest Brocklehurst and son ltd.Roootes models were Hillman, Sunbeam, Humber,Singer and Commer - May have missed some out.They had interests at Chesterfield and london road at one time.Remember the T.V add jingle,You can always thrust the car you bought from Brocklehurst's of Sheffield.
  6. In the fifties my dad worked on the railway as a plate layer based at heely carriage sidings,at night in the summer he used to empty, by shovel , railway wagons full of coal for the local merchants based in the sidings, i can remember plumptree and ward longbottom has having wooden huts in the road that ran between chesterfield road and the bottom of little london road near to the bridge.
  7. i could lend you my copy if you still cant get hold of the film.
  8. The car spares shop run by mr richardson was called "the car spares shop" two fibreglass car bodies were stored out side the shop for years one was a saloon and the other a single seater a sort of formula one of its day.The road was meersbrook ave much further behind the camera in this shot, at the side of the car spares was a shop run by a bloke with only one hand he sold news papers sweets etc.
  9. i recently took down and rebuilt a dry stone wall and it was full of different shaped pieces. Some were stone roof tiles and bits of a drain some stretchers, loads of faced walling stones in fact the wall was built from any old rubbish they had knocking about.
  10. The copy i have is from the internet passed on to me by a friend some time ago..
  11. in 1976 i very nearly bought the house but the front had subsidence the area was quite nice then.