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  1. No-one really knows what this match is. It has been linked to many more matches also.
  2. Tickets are already on sale for this event that I am running with Sheffield Wednesday football club about their time at Olive Grove. The attached flier should provide all the info you need to know. First 50 ticket sales get a free set of collectable cards. Everyone will receive a copy of 'The Olive Grove Years Scrapbook' at the event. Tickets are selling very well, so should be a good night.
  3. Tickets are already on sale for this event that I am running with Sheffield Wednesday football club about their time at Olive Grove. The attached flier should provide all the info you need to know. First 50 ticket sales get a free set of collectable cards. Everyone will receive a copy of 'The Olive Grove Years Scrapbook' at the event. Tickets are selling very well, so should be a good night.
  4. We have recently created a website about our Fred Spiksley biography. Today we have uploaded our first Newsletter which we will be sending out every month up to and beyond the publication of our book. The newsletter will include lots of info and photographs that we simply cannot fit into the book itself. The first issue can be seen on our website right now. It will be a lot more than just a monthly update on the work we have been doing as it will include the following: Updates on the work we have done Image of the month Quotes Contemporary newspaper cuttings Player photographs and profiles Recommended publications and websites Excerpts from Fred Spiksley’s 1920 autobiography Information on how you can pre-order the book Please visit our website and take a look at our project to find out more information and sign up to receive the newsletter so that it arrives to your mailbox automatically. Also, you can follow us on Twitter @SpiksleyBook Tell your fellow Wednesday friends and supporters and get them signed up. We really want to turn this into a special project. www.spiksley.com 1. December 2014.pdf
  5. I will be honest. The 'Toddles' bit might not be accurate. My dad knows more about the early 1890's players/history than me and always refers to Woolhouse as 'Toddles'. I think that he picked it up from either something written at the time in newspapers or by something written by one of the Wednesday players. He has refered to him as Toddles for about 5 years and I just assumed that this was correct. However, it wouldn't be the first time for him to get someething totally wrong!!! I will double check his evidence for this. It may be true. I discovered a few months back that the Famous Amature G.O. Smith was always called 'Joe' by his fellow players, combining the G and O together to form a slag word for him. Rather than say them seperately like I have assumed people read it nowadays.
  6. I just got hold of this photograph of the Sheffield Association team that played the London Associaton in 1892. The team line-up given is incorrect as Woolhouse is listed as the player that is clearly Needham. Does anyone have the knowledge to identify Woolhouse for me as he was the reason I purchased the photograph. I don't have my research with me at the moment so cannot compare all the players against other photographs.
  7. The first draft will hopefully be completed this year. It will take a while to edit it because there is a lot of info. Thanks for checking the blog, sorry it's not been updated much the last year or so. But that is mainly due to it being written rather than finding any new research. The book will happen.
  8. Yes, I heard this. The information I heard sounded like it was a serious project. However, I have seen these things fail at other clubs. If they do then they really should contact me.
  9. Apparently handicap sprint races were very popular in Sheffield in the late Victorian era. Just wondered if anyone had heard or knew anything about them?
  10. Hi, After 15 years or so researching him and a few years writing the book, I have decided to keep a blog in the build up to the book actually one day being complete and published. There is a possible cover design on the blog page. (My name is not on it yet, but it will be) I will try and keep it updated, maybe dropping some facts into it from time to time, but obviously holding the surprises back for the book itself. Please take a look and maybe follow our progress. http://fredspiksley.blogspot.com/
  11. The game is quickly developed into the scottish way of playing. English may have inveted the game, but the scots taught us how to play it.
  12. Hence the quiz question; What did Munday do to Wednesday on a Saturday?
  13. On allfootballers.com the records show James Murray as having won all 3 caps. There is no record of a Jasper Murray, but this may be because he did not play in the English football league as the records only relate to players who have played in the English game. However, this would not be the first time I have heard of two players from this period mysteriously becoming one! I am affraid that to find out if your hunch is right you may have to spend a day sat on a microfilm machine reading the Motherwell papers from the time. It is a bit unlucky that they/he played for Ireland, as if they played for England or Scotland records would have been much more accurate. Good luck with it all.
  14. I looked on allfootballers.com and pretty sure you will know all this info. Before Wednesday - Played for Yorker Athletic and Motherwell After - East Fife. There are pictures on picture sheffield online but they do not give players names and the quality online is poor so it's hard to see if he is on them. In the library they do give team line-ups where they have them and also you can print in high quality. Having said that you can order them online at higher quality but they cost £3 more online.
  15. This is an article about Sheffield Wednesday's 1911 tour of Sweden. I believe that it also features in the book '100 years at Hillsborough'. http://www.btinternet.com/~a.drake/owls/misc/coptour1911.htm I'm assuming that you have a copy of 'The Wednesday Boys'? I don't keep my copy at my house so can't scan you his article, but maybe someone else will on here. With the risk of offending someone - don't buy 'The men who made sheffield Wednesday Football Club' thinking you have the same thing as 'The Wednesday Boys' they do not compare. Depending on what detail you are after with your research a trip to Sheffield Library would be well worth your while. The Picture Sheffield facility is excellent, part of their catalogue is available on line and will include photographs for you. It's worth booking a microfilm reader/copier and taking the time to go through the Sheffield Green 'un. http://www.picturesheffield.com/database_search.php There is a good action shot from 1910 on picture sheffield and I know for a fact that there are about 15 more of these in the library from around that time. I'm just going to have a look and see what pics are available online and may add a second message.
  16. Here are the stats for Sheffield V Glasgow matches containing Fred Spiksley. Although I don't have stats for a couple of them. Date Venue Attendance Score 1892 ? ? 2 4 12.11.93 Bramall Lane 10,000 3 3 1893 Glasgow ? 7 3 07.12.95 Glasgow 3,000 3 1 07.11.96 Bramall Lane 1,500 5 1 10.12.98 Bramall Lane 5,500 2 1 04.11.99 Hampden Park 6,000 0 4 27.10.02 Owlerton 6,000 0 2
  17. A picture with Langley in before he joined Wednesday.
  18. http://www.historicalkits.co.uk/Articles/O...sity_Shoppe.htm
  19. Don't know why I wrote that, as I nearly have a complete record of the games I want plus the matches against London. A photograph of the teams around 1900 has just turned up too. Going to stop off at Sheffield library tomorrow to get missing reports and that will finish that bit of the book off nicely.
  20. I've updated the list above, so it has changed. Got a few wrong initially, but not many.
  21. Right, here goes. Been back looking at my research and these are the names I have. I'm pretty sure, but not 100%. The team is the 1891-92 side, missing Spiksley (not sure why yet, but H. Brandon at outside left should help me work it out) Click on the attachment to open photo with numbers for players. 1. Arthur Dickinson 2. W. Fearnehough 3. T. Brandon 4. 5. Allen 6. Darroch 7. 8. Muscraft 9. 10. Billy Beats 11. A. Mumford 12. Woolhouse 13. Gemmell 14. Rowan 15. Richardson 16. H. Brandon names.bmp
  22. Here is a great picture I found about 6 months ago. Great one of Langley, one of my favorite players of the era. It's an English League Representative team 9th April 1898 Vs Scottish League at Villa Park. 2-1 English League. Pic also contains Foulke, Needham and Athersmith .
  23. Billy Betts is definately on here. I could identify one or two others when I looked into it but can't remember. Anyone know any of the others?