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  1. IT'S HERE! I have a picture of Redgates! Taken at its home on the top of the moor. It is from a book I own about Sheffield, made in 1969. A truly wonderful book, it was found in a second hand store about 3 years ago. I think despite it not being a photo from the front it's the best we've got guys!!
  2. What about: 'Move over to Monty's' 'Look for the DC Cook sign' 'You'll be impressed in Presto' They don't make the ad jingles like they used to.
  3. I used to go to the 'Dance Energy' nights they had on a wednesday or thursday night. No booze, mind-it was a pop 'n' crisps night. Despite this the place was packed to the rafters with us all getting down to 'Housecall' by Shabba Ranks or 'Dreams' by Gabrielle-that would make it 1993. I remember the mirrors that were all across the walls would get steamed up and when you left you'd be sweating like a pig! It was so innocent being 14 back then-tho I suppose people might have got a bit drunk in the street as they queued up? Do tell! The queue was always MASSIVE as well. I saw a boy band there called 'Slam' who mimed throughout and the keyboard wasn't plugged in much to our amusement. Bad Boys Inc were there on another occasion and that got the girls excited because they were in the charts, like. I have such fond memories of Cairos, especially because I had seen it advertised on TV throughout the 80s and it looked really glam and then I got to go there myself, sober of course.
  4. James H Reeve was a legend to me (circa 92) with his late night phone-in Night Owls. It was nothing short of hilarious! You could talk about anything you liked which invited many crazy callers. Me and my friends loved the way he was sarcastic and he would often cut people off in their prime-the man didn't give two square ones!
  5. I had the Kudos for being the first girl in my year to throw herself off Top Splash, a feat I still hold in high regard nearly twenty years later and with which I bore assorted friends and family every time we find ourselves passing Pond St! This was a day out with our teachers to celebrate the end of term. The afternoon saw us go to Flat Street Cinema to see Nuns on the Run which looking back I see as a rather dubious choice for a bunch of 11 and 12 year olds!
  6. Hello. The Hole was filled in in 1994 and I was upset because I felt it made Sheffield unique and exciting to visit. I loved the 'tunnels' and the fact you could get to the shops from under ground. I loved the fish tank, next to which there would always be some entrepreneur flogging his wares. The main ones that I remember are: a bloke selling lighters '3 for a pound' and he had a little rhyme going: "3 for a pound yer lighters. 3 for a pound-come on!", some guy selling these ridiculous foam Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles hats and finally a fella with a load of Disney videos he'd laid out on a rug, the spellings no doubt giving the game away on the authenticity, e.g. Alladin. Priceless. Does anyone know what happened to the fish?
  7. Hello I love all this nostalgia! Being from Rotherham, my brother and I were allowed to come 'Up Sheff' and spend our birthday/Christmas/Easter money in Redgates-for us it was a complete day out! This was the mid-80s and so Transformers and Sindy dolls were the order of the day. I think the prospect of coming up to the city was more exciting than Christmas itself! Now that I live in Sheffield I go past Sunwin House trying to figure out exactly how it looked so the sooner someone finds an old photo the better!