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  1. Latest I've heard is that This Is Enland '86 will be on Channel 4 in September. Keep 'em peeled!
  2. I believe this Channel 4 series is a spin-off from Shane Meadows' very successful BAFTA-winning film 'This Is England' from two or three years back. The production company behind it is the Sheffield based Warp Films, who currently have 'Four Lions' on general release across the UK. That was also mostly shot in Sheffield I think.
  3. Ha ha, sorry - only just seen this. The only instance I knew about was July 1904, as cited by abcman above. I think I would probably defer to his excellent knowledge in this matter!
  4. I confirm it was K&D Records. Don't know if they had a stall in the market though.
  5. Wow, thanks. It's hard to believe it's nearly 20 years since I started work on it, and viewed with hindsight, I can see that I was really quite young to be working on such a project. I was only 23 at the time. I'm just glad I didn't completely embarrass myself to be honest. ;-)
  6. I know the above comment was made almost a year ago, but I just had to butt in here with a quick correction... The bloke on top of the Lyceum is actually Mercury, the messenger of the gods - not Vulcan! Anyway, having dispensed with the pedantry, can I just say that this thread is absolutely brilliant. I've been doing some bits of writing based in the city in the eighties and some of these pics are a priceless resource. Thanks so much to everyone who's taken the time to upload photos for us all to see.
  7. Here you go - the army surplus shop by the Peace Gardens in 1985... (I know it's not exactly David Bailey, but if you want to use this photo elsewhere, please drop me a line first - ta!)
  8. Further to the above, I can very highly recommend Martin Bedford's book. It's absolutely crammed with Leadmill posters from yesteryear; brings back a lot of memories - plus of course the poster artwork is superb.
  9. Pirates of Penzance with Paul Nicholas was the first full production at the renovated Lyceum - running December 1990 to January 1991. However, prior to that show opening, there was a week of one-off gala performances for invited audiences. There was a builders' night with Bernard Manning for those who had worked on the actual construction. There was a night of songs from Gilbert and Sullivan shows performed by the D'Oyly Carte company, and there was a music hall/variety night compered by Keith Baron and featuring the likes of Bob Monkhouse and Frankie Vaughan. There may have been more but these are the ones I remember; they took place during early December 1990.
  10. Excellent article about a bloke who hasn't had enough recognition over the years, certainly compared to some of the bands of that era. I had a mate who did screenprinting at the Leadmill - I imagine he must have worked with Martin - and he once took me up into the print studio there. As I recall, it was up in the roof space of the Leadmill and was a brilliant space, with a huge silkscreen dominating the room. It smelt wonderful too - pungent printing ink! When you think how many gigs and events the Leadmill used to host during the week, he must have had a phenomenal work load.
  11. You need your own website mate - that stuff sounds fantastic!
  12. Yep, I think that's right. The housing development at the top of that image is built on the site of Holt House, which was the other grand old house that used to be part of the comprehensive school - as mentioned by Plain Talker above. I used to go for violin lessons in there - it was a right trek up from lower school down by Hastings Road.
  13. If you find any photos, it would be great if you could maybe post it/them on here. I have a few photos I took around sixth form in 1984 but none of them show the house itself - they were mostly taken in the (rather prehistoric) prefabs at the back of the building. Best of luck!
  14. There was a club down towards the bottom of Nether Edge Road - near the Byron pub - called Turn Ups. Is that the one? It closed in the late seventies I think and the site was redeveloped as flats.
  15. I'll agree with Plain Talker - Abbeydale Grange (the house) was used as the sixth form centre for Abbeydale Grange Comprehensive School at least until the late eighties. It was a fine old building, and as I wandered through it I often used to wish I could somehow have seen what it once looked like as a family home. However, some time after I left, the school was completely reorganised and most of the site became part of the city's further education offering (I think). The school is now just the portion that I knew as lower school. What became of the house after that, I don't know. I suspect it may have been demolished, though can't confirm that.