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  1. The list of gigs (excluding 1000+ from the City Hall) has now passed 4000 with the addition of some Take 2 dates. Please help us fill any gaps, particularly from the early days, before we get too old to remember! http://sheffieldmusicarchive.co.uk/sma-gig-list/
  2. I've added a search function to my listing of bands who played the City Hall - additions (and ticket scans) welcomed! http://sheffieldmusicarchive.co.uk/sheffield-city-hall/sheffield-city-hall-gigs/
  3. As well as a fairly extensive listing of City Hall gigs, we've started a more general gig list, just 1980 so far, but feel free to let me have listings (ideally formatted as band,support/s,date,venue,town) and I can add them ;) http://sheffieldmusicarchive.co.uk/sma-gig-list/
  4. I have an ongoing listing of gigs at the City Hall here, contributions welcomed! http://www.sheffieldmusicarchive.co.uk/
  5. Here's my listing, contributions welcomed http://sheffieldmusicarchive.co.uk/sheffield-city-hall-gigs/
  6. Including the info from dunsbyowl, I have set up a more complete listing of City Hall bands here http://www.sheffieldmusicarchive.co.uk/sheffield-city-hall-gigs/ contributions welcomed, as are any other photos / ephemera about Sheffield bands...
  7. Not a unique concept, I know, but my brother and I have started a site devoted to Sheffield bands, venues & music shops, mostly visual at the moment. Contributions of any kind very welcome ;) http://www.nickrobinson.info/clients/sma/
  8. I knew him through a friend he played with at school, Chris Easton - I've got a photo somewhere of us three jamming at Wadsley Scout hut. Alcoholism is such a deceptive and under-rated addiction.
  9. Amazing! I've got a leaflet advertising the opening of the tower in 1961- lowfi copy here I'm interested in the history of Norton lees in general - if anyone shares this strange hobby, please get in touch - I'm new to this forum.