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  1. During my childhood Inkersall House was the family home of the Kirk's, and only later late !970's was it converted to offices serving Kirk Engineering.
  2. Few actual shoppers i.e. women with baskets, but lots of pedestrian traffic wearing best bib and tucker (just look how few flat caps compared to straw boaters and triilbys.) But bank on Haymarket so open so must have been a week day.
  3. In the 1970's & 80's Beighton Motor Company was a Wartburg Dealer. I'm desperately trying to remember who had the Lada & Moskvich dealerships in Sheffield! Some body must have bought one of these - own up. Tazz
  4. Don't have any detail for you, but I know Bernard Shaw (ex-United & Wednesday) ran a pub in Baslow during the 1980's. Trying to remember the pub's name. Also Graham Pugh (ex-Wednesday from late '60's) ran the Rising Sun in Nether Green around the same time. Tazz EDIT: I think the Baslow pub was called the Crown or Prince
  5. There still is a button maker in Sheffield, Charles Singleton Ltd in Hackenthorpe (http://www.charles-singleton.co.uk) Tazz
  6. I lived on the 5th floor of Spring block for four years during the early '80s. I can recall there was a limited colour scheme with some of the panels in my block being red. I enjoyed my time there, felt very safe (despite claims of violence being on every street corner) and only suffered one bad incident when a mattress was set alight in the basement. The fire itself wasn't much of a threat but the fumes from other items which caught fire were putrid. One incident which reinforces the safety of the flats was that I was working in London during the week, and only returning to Sheffield on Friday nights. One week I forgot to lock my flat door, yet everything was intact when I returned on the Friday night. Not everything about those flats were good however. The heating was underfloor electric (expensive and useless) and a 3 bar electric fire. Consequently not only was the flat cold in the winter but it suffered badly with condensation and consequently mildew on the walls. The damp atmosphere also encouraged silverfish and I was constantly at war with them. The good thing however was that my flat overlooked Sheffield so getting home on a Friday night and sitting on the balcony with a glass of beer (or 3) was good for the soul. Tazz
  7. and of course is buried there, in a well kept grave.