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  1. This is an old thread but I wonder if I might be allowed to add a little to it. I and my siblings are each writing the story of our life, which is bringing up long forgotten memories. I seem to remember my mum going to see the singer Josef Locke at The Palace Union St. This would have been sometime between 1954 and 1958. I wonder if anyone can confirm if this might have been so?
  2. Thank you all, especially neddy who managed to find the site that answers the question. I tried so many combinations of words but never came to that page. Thank you again
  3. I forgot to say it was the 2WW that he served in.
  4. I have a photo of my father in uniform. There is an insignia or badge on the lower sleeve which I am trying to identify. It is not very clear but appears to be the letters SP or SR within a wreath of leaves. I know my father was a driver, he was deaf so unfit for combat and was likely to have been in a Yorkshire regiment (though I can't be certain about that) Does anyone recognise the description and can tell me what the insignia is please? (I have googled many sites without luck)
  5. I don't know how else to describe them, they were CofE. Is that any better? I will be going to SF Archives as I have to look for his burial as well. I am intrigued by your reference to taking a camera. Is one allowed to photograph documents? I have noted the possible churches suggested and will be looking into them.
  6. Thank you all. He was born 1895, and the family have always been ordinary protestant.
  7. My grandfather was born at Bower St Sheffield. I am trying to find out which church he would most likely have been baptised at. Can anyone help please? Thank you
  8. I have looked at the rest of the will, and the word 'children' has the initial C somewhat similar to the first letter of 'blabs'. Clubs also fits the context of the rest of the sentence. So I think we can definitely say mystery solved, and well done to Edmund.
  9. That's a very good suggestion Edmund, thank you.
  10. It doesn't really fit with anything I know of him. He was just a lowly lamplighter living in a corporation house. His total assets were about £300. There is one possibility which occurred to me after I posted. There had been a long standing (unsuccessful) bid to reclaim a couple of Derbyshire estates, generating loads of paperwork. He may well have thought them important enough to mention, though I can think of many more sensible ways to describe them. His youngest son had all the paperwork which he passed to me, generating my interest in tracing the family history. The only other thing I can think of is that the word is a slang or dialect word he has picked up to describe something unknown.
  11. Here it is. I have had to try and hide names as there are still living descendants of people named in the will.
  12. My grandfather's will (1946 Sheffield) contains the following: To my wife my other insurances and my blabs. I can't figure out what blabs could be. The word seems to be clearly written. Can anyone suggest a possible meaning please?
  13. My aunt told me about her grandmother's insistence that a house on Albert Rd Heeley was haunted. They moved from Lansdowne Rd to this much bigger house on three floors. It had marble and mahogany fireplaces and baize covered shelves, and was considered 'very posh'. The family were parents, four children, grandmother, and maiden aunt, so the extra space was welcome. However within a few months a series of accidents convinced the grandmother the house was haunted and they moved back to Lansdowne Rd. The most serious accident was to the youngest son who fell in the bathroom and almost severed his leg. Another son was knocked off his bike and the father fell off his ladder while lamplighting. Strange story as some of the accidents were not in the house, but it was enough for grandma, so move they did. I haven't mentioned the house number in case the house is still there and occupied. Don't want to worry anyone!
  14. I got one and I did click on the link (ok I know, but I believed it) Have I caused myself any problems?