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  1. This is a scan of a photocopy (hence the poor quality) showing the rent that The Wednesday Football Club paid The Corporation (Council) for the land at Olive Grove.
  2. We had BRW (British Relay) TV in the early 70's. As far as I know, customers rented TV's from the cable company who then supplied a TV signal via cable. I don't remember much about the local station other than it featured an "Indoor League" type programme of pub games between Sheffield pubs and WMC's. I think that the company went bust. The infrastructure, small cable boxes with covers about 450x250mm, could be seen in the footways of Sheffield for years after.
  3. The Victoria Hotel in Grimesthorpe stood on Carlisle Road (not Street) at the corner of Adsetts Street, opposite the end of Earl Marshall Road, near Grimesthorpe WMC and diagonally opposite Grimesthorpe School.
  4. The pub used to be called The Star before it was re-named after "Wadsley Jack"
  5. I used to go in regularly on Sunday nights in the late 70's / early 80's. The landlord was a right miserable sod, Bill I think, can't remember his surname. He knew how to keep a decent pint of Tetleys but made you feel like it was too much trouble to serve the customers. There was a big area of overgrown land behind the pub, at the back of Homeric (sp) going down to the dyke. I think this used to be the bowling green at one time, although I can't remember it and I lived in the area for 26 years. The gennel to the left of the pub in the picture came out at the other end between the old picture palace and The Ball on Upwell Street, opposite the bottom of Wincobank Lane.
  6. I'm staying in the virtual inside after July 1st <_<
  7. I prefer to drink outside during daylight hours whatever the weather. As a non-smoker, I'm now faced with the prospect of outside terraces being invaded by smokers who would, before the anti-smoking legislation, been inside the pub, now stando=ing outside and moaning about the temperature / rain whilst pollluting my airspace.
  8. There were Fletchers (red and yellow) vans that came around most of Sheffield. I also remember, when visiting my auntie at Fox Hill, a mobile shop coming around; Alf's I think
  9. Thanks for that. I remember him being "Leon Arras the man fro Paris" and thoght that the spelling of Arras matched Paris lol
  10. In the book "Images of Sport, Sheffield Wednesday 1867-1967" there's a picture of a menu from the dinner held in commemoration of the 1925-26 Division 2 League Championship win. It says Sheffield Wednesday Football Club. The next earliest picture is of the Directors report, dated 7th May 1921; that says The Wednesday Football Club.
  11. I lived on Beacon Way in the late 70's / early 80's and used to go in the Roman Ridge and The Forum on Sandstone Road. It may be hard to imagine now, 30 years ago they were decent pubs :(
  12. It was at the corner of Norfolk Street and Surrey Street, diagonally opposite the Town Hall and across Surrey Street from the new hotel. I think that it's a herballist / health food shop now.
  13. Brian Glover's wrestling name was Leon Aris. I remember Bert Royal, he was born Herbert Faulkner. He often fought with his brother, Vic Faulkner, as a tag team known as the Royal Brothers.
  14. I used to go on a Friday morning before school, I bought my first pair of platforms from there around 1971. I seem to recall that the stall was set up on the ones that used to be opposite the transport building on Exchange Street / Exchange Place, below the entrance to the Setts market hall.
  15. In my back garden I've got peas, potatoes, courgettes, carrots and parsnips with radish as a catch crop in the veg plot and tumbler tomatoes in pots on the patio. Rhubarb and raspberries and strawberries are in the fruity bit.