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  1. It looks like has a temporary "wrapping" around it. Another example of bad planning control!
  2. It all comes flooding back to me the were called Little Sisters of the poor and I should imagine they will still be going somewhere. If the records aren't in the offices, which I think are in the Catholic Catherdal offices near the Crucible, they may still have them in the Lttle Sisters offices. As an afterthought see if there is any info on the net for a Sisters convent in Ireland!!!
  3. Don't know how muh help this may be but I attended st Joesph's, until the early 70's...The Orphanage was used as a home for people with learning difficultes then, and it was all run by Catholic nuns...it may be worth while contacting the Catholic Offices for this area I feel sure they will have kept extensve records. Hope you find who your looking for!
  4. Ah well there are very few sewers you'll get in in Sheffield apart from being illegal to enter, you need special equipment and lots of it! The "Drains" you might be able to get it in are the old watercourses that have been covered over as the city grew, again you will need the permisson of whoever the thing belongs too and saftey equipment but none of them, apart from the covered sections of the river, are big enough for a boat like the paris sewers. experienced splunkers only need apply!!!!!!
  5. He did'nt say where it came out but he did say he walked down it for "quite a way" have been trying to get in touch with him again so will keep you informed
  6. Been Down a few drains and culverts at one time or another, Bagley Brook, Kirkbridge Dike to name a couple there are quite a few in the Sheffield area, lots can be got into as they enter the rivers or by manhole built on them, the legal bit is a bit dodgey though as they often belong to the person whose land they run through or to some authority or other. Can give you some ideas of where to look but its up to you if you decide to go have a look see!!!!!.....I've not got insurance if you sue me for a broken leg!
  7. Sorry to bring up a hidden tunnels theme but this one is a little more recent. I was told some time ago by an old friend about a tunnel he had been shown some 60 years ago, leading from Hillsbrough barracks, apparantly it was a brick built affair with side vaults, closed off by metal gates, leading from the main tunnel. He was told that it had been built to enable troops to leave the barracks unseen, presumably to shoot those citizens who were ungratefull and protesting at the powers that be of the time! Has anyone else heard of this tunnel or have any info on it or is it just another urban myth?