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  1. My Dad bought me my first Owls kit from Jack Archers in the early 50s and I used the shop when I left school to buy darts and flights etc .
  2. Remember segs that were hammered into the heel of your shoes when the heel was wearing down. They were made of metal and were half moon shaped. they made your shoes a death trap to walk in but it saved buying a new pair.
  3. Great photo of the hobbing foot . My dad could make a pair of my school shoes last until I had out grown them with the hobbing foot ,a hammer and a tin of tacks. It was great practice for walking on a bed of nails!!!!
  4. I remember my Uncle John taking me to Hillsborough to see Wednesday play Rotherham in the County Cup when I was about 8 years old in the early 50s. We stood under cover of the old stand where the north stand is now. Wednesday lost 1-0 and I remember Norman missing a penalty near the end of the game (which was attended by well over 30,000) and me being distraught. Even though it was all those years ago I remember Norman playing as though his life depended on it and watched him for many years after and never saw him give less than 100% . God bless Norman and thanks for the memories.
  5. The photo was taken the year after I left school, but I do remember Gordon Kind . He is on the back row , far right as you look at the picture.
  6. Can't remember the names of half the kids in the photo never mind who took it but I'm pretty sure it was a professional photographer. Somewhere I've got a photo of the school football team from that era and I'm searching high and low for it . I will post it if I ever find it. Oh to be organised.
  7. Bang on Dave H. The teacher is Man Wright and the photo was taken around 1961 . I'm on the second row from the front on the extreme left . Sorry I can't name everyone but I can see old mates like Alan Kent , Jimmy Smith, John Crow ,Mick Bownes , Neil Worsefold and many more. That brings back so many memories. I haven't contributed for a while but I do follow the Norfolk School thread and really enjoy reading about the old place
  8. I recently bumped into an old friend of mine called Brian Rasdale who is 4 or 5 years older than me and attended Norfolk School.When I next see him I will try to get him to think back and see if he can come up with more recollections of the school in his time there(it might cost me a couple of pints though).
  9. I started in the infants school in 1952 after spending some time at Heeley Bank School. My memories of this time are very vague and I'm afraid I can't remember any of the teachers but I do remember the morning assemblies when , if it was your birthday, you were invited on to the stage and asked to select a birthday candle to light. I then moved to the juniors and although my memory is a little better of this time I can still only recall 3 teachers. They were Mr Ellingham , Mr Plant (a real ladies man )and Miss Linguard, the object of his attentions. This was probably when I discovered that there was some kind of difference between men and women (innocent days). The school canteen was built around this time (mid 50s) ,in the lower playground and was at the time the bees knees. I took my 11plus exam and predictably failed and so moved to the senior school where my memory improves. It was 1958 and many of the teachers mentioned in earlier posts were there . The school was in general a good place to be and encouraged the playing of many sports. I was lucky enough to play for the school football and cricket teams all through my time there and also played badminton for the school. We played in the school hall until the gym was built (1961ish). I remember Man Green (then sports teacher) telling us it cost £12000 to build .A fortune in those days. I stayed on at Norfolk for an extra year to take my RSA Exams, as mentioned in an earlier post, and left school in 1963 I always wanted to go back to Norfolk to have a look round but never got round to it. Alas , I now never will , but it will always hold great memories for me
  10. Hello again. I havn't contributed to this topic for some time now but I have been following it with interest. As regards to the Tingle family , I had a mate in my class called Graham Tingle who also lived on Eastern Avenue (must be the same family). We left in 1963 so I don't think any of you young uns will remember him or me . However its nice to see my name in the list of old pupil contributors. Carry on with this great thread, it makes really interesting reading.
  11. My Father would have been devastated by the closure of the Park & Arbour if he had lived to see it . He had been a member from the day it was opened and used the club on a regular basis. He joined me on my 18th birthday and I too was a member up to its sad demise. I must admit that I did'nt use the club that much over the last few years of its existance and maybe that's one of the reasons why it closed its doors. :(
  12. Must have changed focus for the R.S.A.s after I left. In my time in the 5th year we were split into 2 groups, one to do the G.C.E. exams and the other the R.S.A.s. Being not as bright as the G.C.E. crowd I took the R.S.A. exams which in those days covered the normal subjects such as maths , english , science , geography etc. I did quite well and got 8 subject passes but it never did me much good as I've always had to get my hands dirty for a living.
  13. Just seen your list of teachers at Norfolk in 1972, Dave, and on the list the teachers who were there in my time were Man Rosenberg,Wright, Gill,Whitham, and Matthews. I stayed on for an extra year to take my R.S.A. exams and was the only one to get a credit in geography. Man Gill was beside himself with joy. He expected us all to fail and thought I had been cribbing.
  14. The sideburn thing was started in my day by Man Whitham. He used to creep up behind you if you were larking about and drag you by the sideburn to the front of the class where he would proceed to give you a mighty rollocking if you were lucky. If not you got the dreaded ruler. To counteract it I had mine cut short but he just grabbed the skin instead.
  15. Sorry DaveH but I fed you a bit of miss information about the school name when I attended. I found a book on civics that I won as a prize in an exam in Man Whithams class in 1962 and it clearly states the name of the school as Norfolk Secondary School. The school logo at the time was a shield with an N with 2 S's entwined on the upward strokes of the N. Our arch enemies at Hurlfield always claimed it stood for Norfolk Silly Sods. They payed a high price for that ! I can't remember a change of name while I was at the school .