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  1. Hi Richard Yes the wall does look a bit "dodgy" but in the 50's this was not unusual.Puts Health and Safety into context! The wall was in the next yard down at the back of The Sportsman Inn.I see its listed on this site with Otley St Address but the entrance was on Hardy St.I have a photo of it just prior to demolition.I didn't take the photo so I will contact the owner to see if he would mind me downloading to this site.By the way it was always refer ed to as Sewells locally presumably from a landlords name.I do know they ran trips to the seaside every year for the children.It was the highlight of the year.Someone would be on the lookout and cheers went up when we heard the cry "Charras are here" There was a lot of dealing before hand as the tickets were allocated a colour and if you wanted to get on the same coach as a friend swops were the only way to do it.They took us to Breed Skeggy or Cleethorpes with a fish and chip dinner and half a crown spending money. Aliciamont
  2. Hi This photo was taken on Hardy St Walkley in the early 50's.The Street in the background was Otley St. The yard was elevated and we were on level with the bedrooms of two of the girls in the picture top right and front row.I'm top left next to my friend who lived on Harold St. Aliciamont
  3. Hi Richard Yes this was him.From one of his daughters marriage certificate in 1920,I have him living at The Brown Cow Mowbray St. As a Beer Retailer Princess St 1925 but I haven't got a definitive date for moving to the Malin except my Mum worked there for them briefly cleaning the Pub and Spittoons ugh!Edith used to push Mum under the counter if the Police came as you had to be 14 to work in a Pub.Mum was born 1919 so we're looking at 1932 ish Regards Aliciamont P.S.Love the site
  4. Hi Dobberd Yes Edith Strong took over running of this Pub.I expect George Henry would have died by then.Edith his second wife was almost 20 years his Junior.I have attached a photo of his first wifeAnne dont know which of their children this was but it seems the horse was called "Dot" !! Aliciamont
  5. Hi What about The Rickshaw,it was just off West St near the Royal Hospital
  6. Hello This is George Henry Strong outside the pub The Malin on Loxley Rd which he ran with his second wife Edith.The photo was I guess the thirties or early forties.In 1920 he was at The Brown Cow Mowbray St.
  7. Hi I'm new to the site and not sure how to insert Images.I have one of my Gt Uncle outside The Malin Pub about 1930.When I try to insert it asks for the URL file name.Not sure what this is. I'm sure someone will be able to help Thank you