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  1. Don't know if i missed em on the lists but i saw The Supremes(unfortunately without Diana Ross-but still brilliant!! Also saw Trammps.
  2. I too was at a couple of the gigs mentioned. I saw Siouxsie And The Banshees,around 78/79 and im sure im correct in saying The Human League was supporting them.it was the original band and i can remember a slide show,things like Stingray and other 60s stuff. I also saw Magazine with Simple Minds,i can remember Life In A Day,Chelsea Girl and a few more. Im glad to hear The Top Rank may be reopening as a music venue again,those punk days were simply awesome.A great venue,plenty of bars,you could go upstairs and watch the drummer playing from nearly behind him. I can remember seeing the Clash in 77,hundreds queuing,the most unbelievable sights you've ever seen in your life.punk girls wearing bin liners and not much more. Live the Clash were fantastic,they were out of tune,Strummer couldn't sing but it all came together in those tremendous songs.Watching them steam into my favourite Clash song 'Safe European Home' was an experience ill never forget. I saw them 3 times at the Top Rank and once at The Lyceum. Anybody any memories to share of those punk days?
  3. His hat-trick v Crystal Palace at Villa Park in 1973 was his finest moment for us.We won 3-2 The team was Grummitt-Rodrigues-Clements-Prophett-Holsgrove-Craig-Henderson-Coyle-Joicey-Sunley-Sissons.sub-Potts This was a 2nd replay-a fantastic night for us Owls.The attendance was 19,151 and there was at least 10,000 Owls there.
  4. I saw The Human League support Siouxsie And The Banshees at the Top Rank in 1978.I remember slides being shown as they were playing.Clips of 60's TV shows rings a bell,im sure they showed bits of STINGRAY.
  5. Mant thanks for the photo of McCloskeys Apocalypse,i too saw them play on the bandstand in Weston Park.It would be circa 1971 i think.There was a few other bands playing as well,i think one was called Acid.