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  1. Great videos mickjj!! ive never seen the semi final before and cant believe they played on that pitch, it wouldnt happen today would it? was nearly six at the time and i was aware of great excitement in my family that we had got to Wembley but dont remember anything about the final itself. Weird really because i remember the day after and being taken into Sheffield to watch the team come home and being on my uncle's shoulders outside the town hall. Only told him the other year that i actually peed on him that day!! great memories of a great day.
  2. I went to the Santos game i was about 11. Its interesting that a lot of schools closed for the day, ours didnt. i went to Prince Edwards on manor top and me and my mate had to go into the headmaster's office for permission to go. He said yes provided we were set some homework. Its always been something ive been proud of, i actually saw the great Pele play. Suppose its the same for everyone. The crowd was huge, which was unusual for Hillsborough in those days. Had to walk all the way back to Pond Street because it was impossible to get on a bus, a long way for a kid, i was knackered! Great memories on this thread.
  3. replying to a post by june newton last year, i, too, won tickets when slade appeared at the Gaumont for the 'Flame' film. Won them on Radio Hallam which had only just started at that time. I was 14 and a MASSIVE fan and the prize was to meet them and get signed albums. Got my album but got to say i chickened out of meeting them i was terrified!! Saw the film again recently on BBC and it was still quite good. They filmed a lot of the exterior scenes in Sheffield like Parkhill Flats.
  4. I have laughed out loud at this thread, brilliant memories of the Roxy, particularly 'the ramp of shame' where if all else failed, the Roxy was the place!! It was huge though, remember going to the under 16 nights in the seventies when it was probably the top rank. There were always teenagers making out under the stairs and sporadic fist fights everywhere! dont know if it would be allowed now. Glad to hear it is being used again, its an ugly building but loads of great memories inside....
  5. Just joined this site today and what a great trip down memory lane it is, well done. This thread had brought back great memories of friday nights down at cairo jax in the mid eighties. it was a superb place with two dance floors to choose from, seem to remember sticking to the 'party'dance floor because there was more chance of picking up girls! My favourite memory is the time that Steve Wright from Radio 1 at the time, did a promo night at cairo jax. he wanted to get someone on stage with him and i was at the front so he picked me with the line 'what about this guy with the light perm', got to laugh now, had a curly mullet at the time! He asked me if i would like a bucket of sludge pouring over me and i replied that yes, indeed, i would like that, so he poured this porridge like substance over my head, leaving the bucket there. it was great, took me about a week to get the stuff out of my hair and clothes!!
  6. Great music pub, bands upstairs sessions downstairs with the 'great' Linda Greatorex in charge. Proper pub with little rooms leading off the main one. Sadly missed...
  7. Was a regular in this pub about 5 years ago when Linda Greatorex ran it. It was a wonderful place for music, people used to turn up with their instruments and jam, some really talented people in sheffield! I used to run a monthly session on saturday nights and was always amazed who turned up, a double bass one night, bagpipes, and latterly a piano was provided. Brilliant nights, great characters, and very happy memories.